World Class – A World School

World Class – A World School

Many of the Senior Executive expatriates that we work with are looking to relocate abroad with their families. Often these families include young children, so a major concern is schooling and how the children will adapt to their new surroundings.

In our Global Leaders guide on ‘Essential Relocation Information‘ we looked at the top six financial centres and included information on the local and international schooling systems in each location (you can view this guide here).

International Schools

Whilst conducting the research for our ‘Essential Relocation Information‘ guide we spoke to many Senior Level executives living in all six of the world financial centres, and it was staggering how many of these people had been brought up in an expatriate family – not living in their place of origin. Some had studied in local schools, but the majority had been eductated in the International schooling system.

Those that we spoke to who had been educated in the International schooling system said that they felt they didn’t get as good an education as their friends who went to local schools. This was mainly down to the fact that whilst International schools teach foreign languages, they don’t focus on them as much.

World Class – A World School

This, however, is not the case for Avenues, New York. A self proclaimed ‘world school’, Avenues aims to provide a high level of education to each and every student, ensuring that they speak a second language fluently (and other languages very well). It plans to build campuses (modelled on the first, located in Chelsea, New York City) in 20 or more cities around the world.

A world class school, Avenues, New York.

Celia Walden of The Telegraph talks about Avenues in her latest article entitled ‘World class: a superschool for the global age‘ which you can read here.

An Education, of Sorts…

Did you receive an international education and upbringing? If so, we’d love to hear your about your experiences and what you think of this new ‘global school‘ concept.

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