3 Ways For Older Execs To Be Noticed By Recruiters

3 Ways For Older Execs To Be Noticed By Recruiters

Many older executives still have the burning desire and drive to keep working well into their fifties and sixties. But job hunting can become increasingly more challenging for these individuals in the twilight of your professional years.

For many of these older business professionals, technology is a significant obstacle to acquiring new roles. Many hiring managers are skeptical about the technological capabilities of this demographic. There’s an unfortunate perception out there that once you hit a certain age, you tend to give up on staying up to date with the latest trends and tools in technology. And in today’s modern business environment, falling behind with technology is essentially the same as falling behind in business.

Older individuals looking to transition into a new executive role need to be extra diligent in shaking off this stigma. One important way of demonstrating your technological aptitude is through fully taking advantage of social media. Consider some of the following reasons why you should be optimizing your use of social media in your executive job search:

Demonstrate your executive leadership qualities

The mere fact that you are active and proficient on social media channels provides an indicator that you can keep up with technological advancements- and by extension the constantly-evolving pace of business practices. Further,  an active and engaging social media presence shows that you are not afraid of visibility or of communicating with a diverse variety of people. If you are using LinkedIn and staying active in industry-specific websites and blogs, it’s going to make it impossible for people to assume that you can’t learn new position-related skills.


The power of connections

The reality is that most job openings are not found on job search sites and public forums. Instead, the vast majority are found through informal channels and word-of-mouth. In these digital  times, however, it is now being complemented by social networking. If you have a strong social network and you have friends who have confidence in you and your professional abilities, you can easily get them to recommend you for a vacant role. They can also share information about openings in their organization, or in their other colleagues’.

Employers are actively engaged on social media

Social networking is also important from the prospective employers’ point of view. According to recent research, more than 90% of employers are using social media as a component of the hiring process. They are using the social media  (particularly LinkedIn) profiles of executive candidates as key factors in their selection efforts.

How you present yourself to the world, the attitudes you show, the style of communication, the kind of material you post, may significantly influence how a potential employer views your candidacy. Therefore, it becomes more important for the candidates themselves to brush up their social media profiles with updated experiences, certifications, recommendations, and images.

Social media has revolutionized the globe. It has impacted every facet of our lives, including how we engage as business professionals. Understanding how to master social media can maximize your ability to capitalize on a job search and acquire the position you desire, even as an older professional.

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