What Is An Employee Background Check? Part #3

What Is An Employee Background Check? Part #3

In this third, and final part of our ‘What Is An Employee Background Check?’ series we look at some more ways in which to improve your public online search results and ensure that you have a good online professional image.

“Are You Fit For Our Company?”

Social media is nowadays used to check whether or not a candiate is likely to fit into a companies culture of not, so ensuring that you are representing yourself in the most professional mannor is crutial, even if you’re not currently or actively looking for a new career. In a Jobvite survey it was found that 73% of recruiters check a candidates social media networks even if they haven’t been provided with the links to their profiles. What this means, in simple terms, is that you can’t hide your online presence or profiles. It was also discovered that 4/5 recruiters like to see candidates with affiliations with professional networking groups, such as LinkedIn Groups, as this demonstrates that the individual is actively engaging with like-minded industry professionals. One of the most important statistics for me was that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to discover talent for their company’s, and 89% have hired through LinkedIn.

Gaining control of your online visibility and retaining control, then building on your profiles and networking endeavours will allow you a much better chance of being seen as a thought leader in your industry and therefore gaining the attention and respect of the right recruiters and headhunters. The key is to be intelligently interactive online, improving on intelligent and deep levels of connectivity.

So What Is the Next Step?

The first step in achieving the best results and greatly improving your professional online visibility is having a strategy in place. Once you’ve created a strategy you can get to work and invest your time wisely online, without loosing sight of what it is you’re trying to achieve with all this ‘hocus pocus’. A well planned-out online and social media strategy for any individual, company or brand starts with an assessment – to determine how well you are currently doing and what you’re professional visibility is like. But this is where the hard work starts, knowing what to look for is part of the trick – if you were an expert at it then you’d either already have the job of your dreams or you’d be a recruiter at the top of their game. At Career Intelligence we have a specialist team of dedicated social media and SEO professionals who know how to do exactly this. We can conduct an online assessment of you and your professional visibility, taking into account your exisiting and active social media networks, websites, blogs and anywhere else that you invest your professional time online, and create a clear breakdown of what you are achieving, how well you are achieving it and which areas need improving – and in some cases which areas are seriously damaging your image!

If this is something that would be of interest to you then here are the steps you can follow. Firstly you need to fill out this assessment form (by clicking here), we will carry out your online assessment and endeavour to get back to you within 2-3 working days. One of our highly trained relationship managers will contact you to discuss your assessment and results, and how we can go forth, increasing your online visibility and providing you with the resource and knowledge on how to affectively engage with social media networks to connect with like-minded industry professionals and recruiters/headhunters.

The harest part is knowing what needs changing and how to change it, so let us help you

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to become a highly visible, thought-leading senior-level professional within your industry.

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