Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch – Video Applications

Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch – Video Applications

We’ve discussed the multitude of online networking tools, such as LinkedIn and Twitter before, which all serve as an essential part of your senior job hunt strategy and arsenal. But I’d like to introduce you to something potentially even more powerful. Video networking. It’s well known that video is a dominant form of communication and allows the likes of recruiters and headhunters to absorb much more information than reading an update or even a cover letter from a prospective employee. However, until now, the means of communicating through video within the job application process has been limited, and usually only makes an appearance during the

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interview stages. In our previous article, which you can read here, we discussed our new video networking tool, CI Confidential, which allows senior executives to network in a secure and pre-validated environment with recruiters, headhunters and executive search consultants through the medium of video (with chat and file sharing facilities included). [field name=iframe] The benefits of video applications Video applications are very self explanatory; you record a video cover letter explaining very briefly who you are professionally speaking and why you are applying for that particular job. Think of this as your elevator pitch tailored to a specific job opportunity. Recruiters and headhunters are inundated with applicants to their positions, especially if they are publically advertised, so anything that you can do to stand out from the crowd and highlight yourself as a key candidate is well worth doing. A video helps you to do exactly that. You stand out from other candidates, you save the recruiter/headhunter time by allowing them to view a 20-30 second clip about you and why you’re perfectly suited to the position and it engages with them on a much higher level – on a level that reading an application (especially when you consider they’re potentially reading hundreds of applications) just doesn’t achieve. Preparing for your video application CI Confidential has a number of features including a video elevator pitch recording tool, allowing you to reach people in a more valuable and constructive way, building your contacts strategically. The process is simple; look smart, prepare what you’re going to say and practice it, set your laptop up in an area with good lighting and look at the camera! [youtube_sc url=””] Above is a video by our Social Media Executive, Michael O’Keeffe explaining how to apply for jobs with a video cover letter. In the next article in this video networking series we will look at how to reach out on CI Confidential.

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