UAE: Executive Job Market Insights and Statistics

UAE: Executive Job Market Insights and Statistics

Are you looking for more both out of your professional and personal life? If so, executive opportunities abound in the United Arab Emirates.  The local economy is playing an increasingly significant role in both international business and tourism. Get the latest job market trends and salary updates for Dubai’s dynamic and diversified economy below:

Are company’s onboarding new executives?

Organisations in the UAE employers are continuing to search for experienced professionals for executive roles to drive business expansion. With corporate taxation being minimal, no income taxes, as well as a relatively low import duty of 5% , the UAE has become a favorite for multinational corporations. According to HSBC (December 2016), nearly 60% of businesses in the United Arab Emirates are looking to hire at the managerial and professional levels; this number is up from 46 % previously.

Salaries for positions hiring

According to Gulf Talent (January 2017), aspiring expatriate executives can count on salaries to fall within these ranges for the United Arab Emirates:

Chief Executive Officer

CEOs can expect to make an average of US$14,000 per month in the UAE. This figure covers individuals with varied years of experience and are across multiple industries. CEOs that are in the top ninetieth percentile are making an average annual salary of US$543,600.

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs in the Emirates are making an average of US$16,000 monthly. The high end of the job market appears to offering an estimated US$20,000 monthly. It should be noted that Chief Financial Officer roles, as well as further roles mentioned below, are found more frequently within more established companies with larger budgets for executive packages. Conversely, CEO roles have a more diverse array of organizations involved, including technology start-ups; this accounts for the discrepancy in salaries.

Project Director

Project Directors can anticipate monthly salaries within the realm of US $20,600. High end salaries are speculated to earn approximately US$23,000 a month. These figures are significantly higher than those found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; according to Robert Half’s 2017 Salary Guide, this figure is measured to be US$5,000 more per month.


Executive Manager

If you are interested in acquiring a position as an Executive Manager in the UAE, these roles are averaging a monthly salary of US$7,200. The highest earners are seeing salaries around $9,000 a month, before taxes.

Senior Project Manager

The average monthly salary for a Senior Project Manager is around US$11,800 a month, with the high-end earners earning US$13,000 per month.

Financial Controller

Financial Controllers are seeing earnings of US$6,800 per month, excluding bonuses. And as asserted by Bayt (February 2017), these bonuses feature as some of the most lucrative in the Gulf. Top earners are projected to earn closer to $9,000 monthly.

Operations Manager

If you are looking to acquire a role as an Operations Manager in the UAE, the average salary is $4,700 monthly. The high end salaries are entering the realm of US$7,500.

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