Turn The Tables On Headhunters In 5 Steps

Turn The Tables On Headhunters In 5 Steps

Take your average headhunter in the UAE. They are working in an oversupplied job market, receiving 100s Linkedin requests, emails, tweets and cold calls everyday, with only a handful of vacancies they are trying to fill.

If they spent their time dealing with any of these approaches, they would fail as a headhunter and be out of a job. Simple.

They are forced to be super focused with how they allocate their time and just work with the candidates that are closest to them.

These “closest” candidates are the ones that are the most visible and are consistently on the radar of headhunters. These candidates don’t just pop-up, but have been visible for a least a few weeks and have built demand for themselves over this time.

Creating demand for your profile is a lot more straightforward than it sounds. It is really just two parts:

  1. Content – your profile, articles, comments on posts, videos, forum activity and so on..
  2. Distribution – is your content being seen by headhunters in your market – choose the right platforms, groups, connections.

IMPORTANT: Before you do anything else!!

Now, there is no point heading into a demand generation work process, without having your foundations in place. As even though everyone talks about how “the world of recruitment has been transformed by technology”, everything still comes back to the old process of working with a CV (and you could now add your Linkedin profile as a reference point for your CV).

Once you start your demand generation activities, there is no control on inbound requests, so once it starts coming in you need to be ready. Before you do anything else check out these posts:

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1. Increase demand by making the right people aware of your industry knowledge

Writing regular articles about your niche and posting them onto your blog or as a LinkedIn article is something we see our clients achieve great results with.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Impress Recruiters

The downside though is that it takes time. Realistically, it can be 2-3 months before your achieve meaningful visibility on your posts that lead to contact. This approach will definitely deliver you results and should be something you always maintain, but be prepared to work on it for a while without any payoff.

2. Have you considered hosting a webinar & inviting your LinkedIn connections?

There is no better way to raise awareness of your expertise and generate people starting to contact you to talk about projects, than a webinar.

By creating a webinar tackling a problem facing your industry niche and inviting your network, you will immediately elevate your professional profile and start receiving inbound requests for deeper discussions about subjects that can very easily lead to job opportunities.

We look further into this approach with the following article:

Boost Your Professional Brand With Webinars

3. Quick and effective demand generation from LinkedIn

For quick results, LinkedIn definitely provides the best solution. By combining a high-ranking profile with steady, valuable commenting on posts and groups related to your niche, you will appear on the radar of headhunters who are working on assignments also related to your niche.

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Step 2: Understand How To Behave On LinkedIn To Achieve Results

4.¬†Don’t dismiss the opportunity of Twitter

Twitter is not used or even liked by most people, but by the people that love it, they are prolific and herein lies your opportunity!

The headhunters and leaders within your niche that are using it will respond well to your engagement which will immediately increase awareness in you and start the demand generation process. By following these people and joining in with their discussion, we have found this to be a rich source of opportunities for our clients.

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5. Finally, in-the-flesh contact!

Without doubt the most impactful, yet most resource intensive way of generating demand. 100s of hours can be wasted with pointless face-to-face networking, but when done efficiently, it will create huge impact.

Efficiently means you are targeting the right people by going to the right events. Make sure to be tough on yourself, as many hours can be invested in attending events which would give you a better result, by investing the time creating and sharing content about your niche online.

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