Trends and Salary Predictions for Technology Jobs in 2015

Trends and Salary Predictions for Technology Jobs in 2015

The Technology industry has been a consistent performer during the economic downturn the globe has experienced in past few year. Fortunately with the economy showing greater signs of prosperity and continued progress with cloud computing there is no surprise the technology industry in 2015 is expected to be the most buoyant it has been for several years. Trends With a greater awareness and necessity for technology functions among businesses, spending within the sector has increased, along with general technology salaries rising as well. IT leaders have been given the duties of enabling growth using technology, which is proving to be a challenging task in the dynamic and ever changing technology environment. However, the biggest threat affecting business growth in the technology industry, according to a survey by

PwC, is the availability of skills and rising cost of labour (as well as the speed of technological change.) Hiring Outlook One of the key concerns that has gained a lot of public attention in in 2014 is the risk of cyber threats and protection of intellectual property. These concerns and increased investment has meant the hiring outlook is positive, with many companies finding themselves short staffed. Due to this, niche experts are receiving numerous offers and businesses are likely to increase the salaries of current employees a they try to retain their top talent from the poaching competition. The demand for cloud computing among businesses continues to rise in creating job opportunities for infrastructure professionals with 3+ experience behind them. Coupled with the increase in demand for cloud computing software and professionals comes with the needs to protect such information, promoting a higher demand for cyber security professionals. Continual improvements to many sectors digital activity, such as online banking, has increased demand for web developers, and project managers. Overall, the biggest positions in demand are:

  • Project Managers
  • IT Security Professionals
  • ERP Specialists
  • Change Management Professionals

Salary The c-suite positions are likely to see a marginal increase this year with an average Chief information Officer’s salary to increase by 1.8%, Chief Technology Officer’s by 1.4% and Chief Security Officer by 1.3%. The largest projected salary increases come from the Senior Project Manager and Business Systems Manager positions, expected to see an average 4.7% and 4.3% salary increase respectively in 2015. This represents not only the largest increase within the technology sector but across many of the industries as a whole. For a full list and numbers, please click the image below: Technology Salaries   (All figures from the Robert Half ME Survey)

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