4 Leadership Traits You Must Demonstrate In Your CV & Online Profile

4 Leadership Traits You Must Demonstrate In Your CV & Online Profile

There will never be a low demand for great executive leadership. However, certain skills and attitudes will make the difference in how great leadership is defined. The following is a list of top skills and characteristics prospective executives will need to demonstrate in their CV and online profile to excel in the job marketplace:


With the constant evolution of technology and global trade, change in the modern business world happens incredibly fast. To be successful as an executive in the past, it was more or less sufficient to master a skill or process and then simply repeat it over and over. Today, however, this is not enough. Great executives must continually learn and develop their skills.

Adaptable executive leadership is about always being ready for change. While a savvy business leader should have an end-goal and a main strategy to reach this aim, the path that will be taken to reach this end cannot be set in stone. This level of flexibility allows for appropriate responses to the demands of a particular moment in time and its unique circumstances. Adaptable executives make the most of such change and take advantage of variety.

Distinguish your leadership from the incumbent

This is a fine line between being a reformer and continuing the corporate lineage that all executives must balance. No executive can realistically succeed at completely reshaping an organization. Many board members, first off, will not want this, and they will disregard your candidacy.

However, the incumbent is rarely without their leadership faults. That’s why many of these individuals have moved along to begin with. As a prospective executive, take the initiative to discover what aspects of your leadership should be different from predecessors, and which elements are should be kept the same for the well-being of the business.

Demonstrate thought leadership

It is essential to demonstrate your acumen within your business industry. Many corporate boards will not take a candidate seriously if they cannot demonstrate competence in the subject matter. While you may have past executive experience in the manufacturing sector, does that do much to warrant a similar position in the telecommunications sector? To many, the answer is no.

Be sure to display your industrial expertise in a publically accessible manner. Perhaps you can create a professional blog where you delve into industry topics where you are clearly adept. Try to become published with articles in trade publications or to publish articles on LinkedIn. Another option is to write a book or e-book.

Visibility can also be garnered without the use of literature. You can also volunteer to give breakout sessions at professional or industry conferences. You can also host webinars or create short informational features which you can upload to YouTube and other video social media.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to make others feel valued and understood. It requires good listening skills, empathy, strong eye contact and the ability to evoke a positive feeling in others. The ability to understand what drives others, relate in a positive manner, and to build stronger relationships in the workplace environment inevitably makes those with higher emotional intelligence better executives.

An effective executive will recognize what the needs of his staff and managers are, so that those needs can be met in a way that promotes greater performance and work satisfaction. An emotionally savvy and intelligent executive is also able to build more formidable teams by strategically utilizing the emotional diversity of individual team members to benefit the organization as a whole.

The executive job market, particularly in the Middle East, is fiercely competitive. This means that every possible advantage must be utilized to achieve personal success in obtaining gainful executive employment. By demonstrating the skills mentioned above, you will make yourself a more accessible and attractive candidate for executive positions. These skills can make all the difference in landing your dream position.

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