The Top 5 Reasons to Network in Dubai

Agony Aunt 27 Mar 2013
The Top 5 Reasons to Network in Dubai

Building great business relationships (real-world relationships) is essential for every Senior-Level professional, regardless of the industry that you’re in, and in this post we will explore the top 5 reasons to network in Dubai.

Dubai is a popular location for many Senior Executive Expatriates as it has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis, adopting a more Western-style model of business, driving its economy and providing a base for industries other than just the Oil and Gas industry.

The Top 5 Reasons to Network in Dubai

Business Networking In Dubai

1. Cultural Diversity – Over 80% of people living in Dubai are from other countries so if there is one city in the world where you will know someone it will be Dubai.  It means that you almost always know of someone, somewhere who can put you in touch with someone already living there who may know of some great opportunities for you.

2. Booming Industries – Dubai is the place to be at the moment. With the UAE economy set to grow 3.8% in 2013, there will be lots of opportunities that will be open to you.

3. Competitive Job Market – With Dubai being a first on many peoples list of relocation choices it is important that you make an impression and networking or using your contacts is a great way to make an impression and find jobs that have yet to go on the open market.

4. Shape the Future – The rapid extent of growth and development means there is a need for real talent.  By working in a developing market you get to set the rules and make an impact, you can grow with your company and be recognised in a way not always possible in a saturated market.

5. The Happiest Place in the Gulf – According to the World Happiness Report the UAE is now the happiest country in the Gulf and ranks ahead of the UK so now is your moment to be part of this happy and growing economy and networking is always the best route to the market.

Business In Dubai

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    Hey,Its great to have life and working in Dubai there are many good things here,you can find every things you want , shoppings ,Marketing and Trading , all done by networking,using e-marketing also different life styles for all,foods ,fun,Dance,music, gardening always great & green. There are places you must visit when you in Dubai .if you prefered to have residence in Dubai you must get residence visa and work to get appartment license for drive or ride.

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