Top 5 Festive Presents to Aid your Executive Job Hunt

Top 5 Festive Presents to Aid your Executive Job Hunt

Tis the season to be jolly, however if you have been searching for a job for some time, it can put a bit of a damper on the holiday season. Here are the top five festive presents you could receive to help aid your executive job search.

Job Seeker Premium

One of the great aspects about the new Job Seeker Premium is it does not show the little briefcase in the top corner of your page for everyone to see anymore. it is more discreet and gives you greater benefits behind the scenes such as:

  • Being a featured applicant on Job applications through LinkedInLinkedIn Button
  • Larger Search Listing, both for conducting and being found
  • Greater information on searches and more detailed sections to fill out
  • Advice on how to improve your profile
  • More information so the right people are finding you and so you can find companies and positions that will match your skills
  • InMails to reach out to people such as headhunters and recruiters
  • A larger profile picture so you can stand out more on the page

Since LinkedIn have made the recent improvements I believe it is now worth the investment. All of the above benefits actually see an increased return on your investment as you begin to see more profile views within the first week.

Obviously it does come with a price, and different levels of premium will cost you different amounts. However I definitely recommend that if you do have the money, it is an investment worthwhile. For more information on the job seeker premium, click here

Executive (Career) Coach

If you think this may be an unneeded necessity, society indicates the opposite. The use of career coaches are increasing every year (nearly 60% of coaches saying they have had an increase in demand) as people are seeing the advantages of this bespoke and subjective advice you can receive. Maybe you have become stuck in a hole and the consultation from one of these experienced experts may be what you need to reassess your job search goals.

The benefits include the individual counsel you will receive, different to anything else on the job search assistance market while also helping you highlight strengths you may not have identified yourself. Usually, coaches have an extensive background in recruitment, so they understand what works in that industry. Furthermore, an executive coach will help hone skills that will help advance your career.

An executive coach will not only become an asset but someone who you could confide to when any problem arises, even after your job search has finished.

You can find a community of executive coaches at To browse the list of hand-selected experts click here.

Specialist Recruitment Professional

The biggest downside about the job search process is, if you do it right, it takes a lot of time. The development of all of your profiles, networking, applications is a full-time job in itself. This is where hiring specialist recruitment professionals can be advantageous as they can take a lot of the painstaking, time consuming process out of it for you.

They are able to provide access to a large database of the latest vacancies posted. This can mean that if you are in their database and a job application requirements matches your strengths, you will be one of the first candidates to be phoned, without even searching for jobs yourself. You can also utilise their network as well, leveraging the vast worldwide network they have readily accessible. This can very beneficial, particularly if you are looking for expatriate work abroad.

Lastly, recruitment professionals are able to vouch for you as a candidate. If you go on an interview, they will usually get in touch with the hiring manager directly, asking for any feedback about the interview or your application. If you had a potentially bad interview, they can lay their concerns at rest if they had any. This can be invaluable in numerous ways. It can help you see where you may be lacking or if you are deficient in any other areas and can be helpful for further interviews if you weren’t so lucky the first time.This can be you!

Check out’s recruitment solutions for you.

CV Development

With the use of more technology in the recruiting process, hiring someone with inside knowledge of the system and current trending words is paramount. Most hiring managers use a system called ATS (Applicant Tracing System) and these are usually the reason behind your CV getting “lost in the system.” Without the specific words they are looking for on a CV, it makes it extremely easy for your CV to become “lost.”

Hiring someone know which words to include, as well as the obvious benefits of getting an outsiders perspective of your strengths and then someone who can then articulate them into a well presented document will be worth the money spent – especially if it gets you the job!

LinkedIn Development

Similar to the CV development, LinkedIn uses an algorithm to help recruiters distinguish and rank peoples profiles within the search results. A highly optimised profile, with all of the required information filled out, relevant keywords present, (also specific reference to their prevalence) is the key to being found on LInkedIn. Hire a LinkedIn expert to look at your profile, identify what positions you are seeking/want to be found for, and then redevelop your profile accordingly. offers a number of solutions on this.

Going to someone you trust is important, so search the different options before you make a decision. If you want to talk about your options, get in touch with one of our relationship managers today, where you could receive a free CV appraisal and where you can discuss your next career moves.

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