The UAE’s Top 10 Places to Work

The UAE’s Top 10 Places to Work

A great location does little without a great job as well. In no particular order, here is a list of ten of the United Arab Emirates best places to work:


1. Merck Serono

The German pharmaceutical company operates under the mantra, “our aspiration is to make great things happen.” For employees in Abu Dhabi, this goes beyond hitting bottom lines and fiscal success. Following this mantra propels them to actively shape their corporate culture. An emphasis is placed on values and strategy to give employees a clear orientation for their daily work.


2. Dulsco

Dulsco, whose operations span from waste management to human resources, offers opportunities for many candidates across many disciplines. Employees praise management for how they are actively listened to and how they appreciate the company’s open door and “open office” model. Employees are also treated to monthly celebrations that spanned across the entire year.


3. Bayt is one of the largest employment websites in the Middle East, but it aims to stop its own workers for searching for new jobs by creating an employee-centric culture. personnel have access to internal sites to pitch their business ideas and share experiences. All of this breeds a thriving corporate culture that raises morale and camaraderie.


4. THE One

The Abu-Dhabi-based furniture store has been the top home-grown company for several years now. Known for its funky style, the retailer scored points for its Oneunderworld Program; this is a one-on-one store village adoption program which provides villages in underdeveloped countries with healthcare services and alternative income ventures. Its founder, the Swede Thomas Lundgren, aims to “engage and motivate” his staff; he contends that the happier they were the happier his customers were, which will ultimately result in greater profits to aid the world.


5. FedEx

The global delivery organization’s philosophy of “people-service-profits” promises to put its employees first. The approach seems to be working in the United Arab Emirates. Its staff regularly ranks highly on core business factors such as corporate culture and communication. FedEx also uses the Purple Promise Award to recognize a team member who goes beyond the typical expectations for his or her job to ensure the customer’s needs are met.


6. Microsoft

The computer software giant’s continued high ranking in the UAE’s top employers list since it started in 2011 has much to do with its emphasis on work-life balance. So important is this to the company, it’s included in its charter. Among initiatives to drive trust and team spirit, employees are entitled to three days off a year to do community volunteer work.


7. Securities and Commodities Authority

This government agency earns a spot on the top UAE companies list in part because of its creative approach to thanking and motivating its employees. The Authority offers a variety of awards, programs, and incentives that drive employees to grow and drive toward both personal and professional achievements. The Authority also offers generous benefits such as enhanced maternity and paternity leave, and interest free loans to employees for cars and homes.


8. DHL

The global logistics firm has centred its human capital strategy on the concept of “employee value proposition.” This strategy focuses on aspects such as growth, impact, and pride; this is seen in their on-boarding program, where customised learning and development plans are made for each individual employee.


9. Omnicom Media Group

OMG’s human resources champion the cause to provide a confidential environment for all employees to voice their views and concerns regarding their working lives. This measure, heavily pushed by senior management, includes all aspects such as commenting company initiatives, policies, learning and development, and enhances cross-department collaboration.


10. Marriott

The hotel chain is highly regarded for its culture of appreciation. For instance, a Certificate of Excellence comes in the name of the associate from the Corporate Headquarters in Washington DC, and signed by the Company Co-Founder J. Willard Marriott, if an associate receives a thank you note from a customer on excellent service. These little touches epitomise the tone the Marriott hopes to maintain, and why many of its employees are proud to stay within the organisation.

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