The Secrets Behind Finding Vacancies in the Hidden Job Market

The Secrets Behind Finding Vacancies in the Hidden Job Market

Every year there are millions of jobs posted online. But every year there are even more jobs that aren’t posted at all.

What is the Hidden Job Market?

The ‘hidden job market’ is a term that references all of those jobs that aren’t posted online. Whether posted internally or in the hands of recruitment or executive search firms, the hidden job market is one area that executives often lose out on when they decide to go at it by themselves. Companies often prefer to fill positions without advertising, simply due to the reduced cost and time spent on the entire process. As a job seeker, it highlights the necessity to network and be in contact with recruiters and executive search professionals in the know. We have our very own executive search professional, Isabelita who specialises in helping executives finding jobs, particularly within the UAE. With extensive experience having worked with unadvertised vacancies, we sat down with her and asked her a few questions about the hidden job market and what she can do to help.

Why Aren’t Jobs Advertised?

Aside from saving time and costs, commonly, many jobs aren’t advertised because too many irrelevant applicants end up in applying for the job. This builds a huge queue for the recruiter to spend time and waste it to go through it. It is much more practical and assertive for a recruiter to use this time to headhunt the right skill set of qualified candidates through social media and Boolean search mainly by using LinkedIn as tool and database. Another reason is that companies don’t want candidates following up and jamming their inboxes with emails, so they stay secretive in their job openings.

Where Are The Jobs In This Hidden Job Market?

If it is not being advertised internally, depending on the size of the company jobs may be in the hand of recruitment agencies or if senior roles such as GMs and C+ most commonly in the hands of Executive Search firms.

What Is The Best Way To Go About Finding Jobs On The Hidden Job Market?

The best way to find the jobs is to be pro-active. Use LinkedIn to approach key decision makers, hiring managers and recruiters and headhunters. Initially these may have to be ‘cold approaches’ initiating the interest in the company and specifying 2 to maximum 3 types of roles that the candidate is interested in for that company. There are a couple of important steps to consider before approaching such people you have never met before, one of them is ensuring you let them know the job title you are after Approaching a recruiter, headhunter or hiring managers asking them to review their CV or linkedIn profile without a targeted job title is a waste of time most of the times. If you would like further assistance on approaching such people in the right way, then you can book an appointment with Isabelita, or ask here a question by clicking here.

What is the Best Way To penetrate The Hidden Job Market?

In all honesty, hiring someone like myself. I can reveal all the secrets of nailing a job in Dubai, the types of approaches to use, starting from personal & professional branding with a full “botox” of CV and LinkedIn profile revisions. With coaching, you’ll understand the most effective ways to approach others, sending the right messages to hiring managers and recruiters and creating a job hunt strategy. Additionally I can prepare the candidate for their job interview, full preparation and rehearsal. Have you been struggling to find a job? Maybe it is time you penetrated the hidden job market. Upload your CV for a free CV appraisal by one of our relationship managers today.

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