The London Lifestyle

The London Lifestyle

London is a city rich in culture and whilst not the first destination of choice for senior executive expatriates looking to relocate, especially those dreaming of warm climates and days lounging on a beach, it has so much to offer in the way of lifestyle that it’s hard to overlook.

Expatriate Relocation Isn’t Just About The Business

Every senior executive we speak to at Career Intelligence is looking for something different and unique to them. Some focus on the job and don’t mind too much about the location, but many desire a new position in a city that has more than just a sky-scrapers and apartment blocks to offer. Many senior executive expatriates seek buzzing and vibrant cities with enough culture and arts to entertain them and their families for the next decade or more. London is one of those cities. London truly is a unique destination. At almost 2,000 years old (founded by the Romans as Londinium) very few cities anywhere in the world can claim to have as much history, especially when you consider how big a metropolitan city London is. Whilst the low average temperatures and particularly wet winters put many expatriates off, others ignore these facts and take advantage of this city filled with life. London attracts those that are looking for a bit of everything. There’s a plethora of museums, galleries and historic monuments/architecture, there’s a vast array of sports facilities and professional sports grounds for those wanting to see a football, rugby or tennis match (Wimbledon, anyone?).

Fireworks at the London Eye.

It’s a Family Thing

One of the major concerns we hear at Career Intelligence is about the relocation of an expatriate’s family, especially when their children are young. These concerns are focused around schooling, safety and lifestyle – outside of school.

Whilst the English schooling system is not rated the best in the world, it is very good and there are many options for expatriate children in London, including local schools, private schools and International schools. Education in the UK is compulsory up to the age of 16, however the majority stay on until they are 18 at which point University (or certain college courses) is the next step.

Culture and entertainment in London.

London is a very safe city, with the majority of crime being of the thieving kind, and street wise youngsters are safe to walk around many parts of the city during the day and evening.

Children growing up in London are exposed to many great activities and experiences, ranging from museums, seasonal events, playgrounds, public swimming pools and much more. The idea of bringing children up in London is perfect for many expatriates.

Share Your Experiences

Have you lived in London? Have you raised a family in London? We’d love to hear your experiences first hand, so be sure to comment below.

The ‘Essential Relocation Information’ Guide

We have created a guide containing the essential relocation information that you need to know when considering moving to one of the top 6 financial destinations, including Singapore, Hong kong, London, New York, Tokyo and Frankfurt. This PDF guide is FREE to download and can be done via this link here.

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