How To Create Demand From Headhunters For Your Professional Brand

How To Create Demand From Headhunters For Your Professional Brand

The job market has obviously changed. We’ve written numerous posts on how you can optimise your LinkedIn profile, improve the response you get from your cv and save time with social media. However, what people often misconceive is that for an effective job hunt strategy, you cannot simply pick one. Rather, headhunters analyse a number of components that provide a comprehensive overview of all candidates they are assessing for a role they have been assigned to fill.  Here is a list of all of your job search documents and how they complement each other to help portray you as the successful candidate headhunters are looking for.


Arguably the most important document in the job seeking process it should be the most detailed document that effectively highlights your key skills, competencies and work history/experience. Uploading your CV to online applications is important and will be vital particularly important where technology such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are applicable. This will mean that your CV will not only remain in the system for that particular job, for future job listings as well that you may be marked as suitable for.

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If your CV passes the initial inspection, they will most likely search for more information about you. LinkedIn is a likely source they will first check and including your LinkedIn URL can be something to add to your CV to encourage them to look at your profile (that way, you may be able to see if they have looked at your profile or not as well). Be sure that you have shortened your LinkedIn URL before you do this though. You don’t want LinkedIn to be a carbon copy of your CV. You want it to present similar themes as your CV but formatted in potentially a different and interesting way. You want it to be something that sparks further interest, clarifying in the recruiters mind that you are most suited for the job. But should these aspects complement one another? In essence, you need your LinkedIn to “wow” the headhunter, enticing them to know more. Once you give them your CV, the goal is for them to be “wowed” again (or vice versa) But how do you know if they view your LinkedIn before your CV? (or your CV before you’re LinkedIn?) You don’t. You only know that they will check both. So don’t risk it. If you have a killer LinkedIn profile, but a lacklustre CV (or vice versa), then that reflects poorly on your professional image. Knowing that one leads to the other is a vital component about understanding what to include on your LinkedIn and what information to omit. You want them to be blown away by your LinkedIn profile, but leave enough room and information to mention on your CV so they are even more blown away when they read this. social-media-management

Social Profiles

However it doesn’t just stop there. The recruiter has now overviewed your CV, LinkedIn and sees you as a suitable for the position – however, there are also 20 other candidates that are suitable also. What else can they find about you? What does Google have to say? Are you on Facebook? Most probably, but ensure it is private so they can’t see what you are doing in your social life and also protect the privacy of your family. Is there anything online that could jeopardise a positive portrayal of you? It can be difficult to get rid of unfavourable comments made by someone about you online. The best solution is to simply bury it with more information about you by uploading professional profile websites, blogs, twitter hopefully making that negative information fall further and further down the search rankings.


Twitter – if you have one – is one of those sites that many recruiters check and is a great way to distinguish yourself from competing candidates. It helps demonstrate to the headhunter that you are active and relevant in your industry, something that can be beneficial, particularly the way the digital world is shaping industries and sales among

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certain companies.

Link your Twitter account with your LinkedIn page in the URL section of the profile. Any way you can help direct traffic to the most important document highlighting your best skills (your CV via your LinkedIn profile) the better.

In short, if recruiters are using a multitude of platforms to source candidates, then you should be using equally as many platforms to search for positions. That is why only relying on only one aspect of your job hunt will quickly become unravelled. One aspect will always lead to another and no matter where they begin, whether it be with your CV, LinkedIn, Cover Letter or other Social Profiles, the more they like you as a candidate, the more they will investigate your other profiles. Don’t risk it. If you are looking to be successful in today’s job market, just a CV is not good enough. Revamp your executive job hunt strategy and ensure all of your profiles not only reflect your professional career but complement each other as well. Need help building your profiles for an effective job hunt strategy? Then click the button below to view our services and how we can help you.

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