The Career Intelligence Social Media Management Programme

The Career Intelligence Social Media Management Programme

At Career Intelligence we offer a personalised Social Media Management Programme, covering a wide range of social media networks with the aim of providing our Senior Executive clients with comprehensive online branding and corporate biography creation. The recent influx of social media networks has meant that now, more than ever, it is essential to have an increased online visibility and to turn your focus to online marketing and brand management rather than through the more traditional and one-to-one techniques previously used by so many business professionals. As with any change comes the need to learn how to use the tools available, as well as knowing where and how to apply oneself. Finding the time to do this is, however, oftentimes impossible for those with a busy schedule. It can also be an unrealistic task for those whose areas of expertise do not lie in marketing or self promotion. The Career Intelligence Social Media Management Programme is designed to provide the essential services to address these very issues and branding, promotional and management requirements. Our dedicated social media team are highly experienced and have a wealth of knowledge in online brand management and social media optimisation. Each programme is tailored to an individual’s requirements, utilising social networks that best suit their industry and target audience. On-going management of these networks also allows our team to create an online brand for each client that represents them as the experienced Senior Level Executive that they truly are. Our core social media networks include Twitter, LinkedIn, a range of online profiles and blogging platforms designed to boost the online visibility of an individual. Through these networks we are able to fully optimise our clients’ online profile, promote thought leadership through the sharing of industry knowledge, broaden their professional network and increase their online brand profile. Twitter Twitter is the leading social media network for online conversations and engagement between professionals. Twitter lends itself to quick updates and the sharing of news and discussions. It’s a perfect place to meet like minded individuals and introduce yourself to one another, without the issue of ‘will they mind me contacting them?’. Through the use of Twitter you can cement yourself as a leader in your industry by discussing trending topics, engaging in conversations between other professionals, and building an engaged following. You can also share links via your Twitter account to your latest blog articles, updates to your LinkedIn profile and any other online endeavours that will help to boost your visibility and professional branding. At Career Intelligence we will create you a new, or update your existing Twitter profile and bio before posting personalised ‘Tweets’ on your behalf. Through bespoke research we will create a number of Tweets to be posted each week that reflect your thoughts and opinions on topics, news and discussions within our industry. Each and every Tweet is sent to the client for approval before being posted, giving them total control over what is being posted without the need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to creating such updates themselves. There are a number of industry leading professionals who have adopted Twitter as their go-to tool for voicing their opinions. One individual who does this very well is Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group. Ian has a following of over 30,000 and has Tweeted almost 10,000 times. His personal Twitter account is used to very effectively to boost his online branding and visibility whilst allowing him to share his own thoughts on political risks and changes around the world. Whilst the majority of his updates are text updates, he does share the occasional link to a third party website, such as news websites, and he also shares picture and videos. His bio is short and precise, also linking to his website where he promotes his books, shares articles he has written for third party websites and more. LinkedIn LinkedIn is your all encompassing digital CV and professional networking hub. With a wide range of tools built-in, LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with colleagues new and old, make new connections through introductions and recommendations, and showcase their career achievements and experiences. Whilst LinkedIn has a status update feature, similar to that of Twitter’s, the overall use of LinkedIn should be different, with a focus on the public profile section and groups and discussions sections. Our social media team know exactly how your LinkedIn profile needs to look, what

updates should be done and how you can effectively utilise industry groups. Through our social media management programme we will ensure that your profile is fully optimised on a month-by-month basis, with any new projects or career changes highlighted, and we will advise you on how to effectively utilise the networking features for your professional brand management and during your job hunt. Joel Peterson is a Senior Level Professional who utilises his LinkedIn public profile very well. As the Chairman of JetBlue Airways he writes and shares articles on the airline industry and due to his success has become a LinkedIn thought leader, meaning that his articles are posted to ‘LinkedIn Today’ and users of LinkedIn can follow him instead of connecting with him – due to his popularity, unless you know Joel personally or have a mutual friend, becoming a connection with him on LinkedIn is unlikely, so you have the option to follow him and stay up-to-date with his articles. Online Profiles There are a range of online profile platforms which allow you to create an online CV for yourself. The point of these is to increase your online visibility, linking back to your other more update focused networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, whilst allowing you to increase your chances of people finding you online for your industry, name (and position) and keywords. As part of the social media management programme service our team of specialists will choose the online platforms that are best suited to you and your industry. They will create a range of online profiles to increase your network reach and boost your online visibility and professional brand. A customised biography will be created for each and every profile, providing a different angle of your experience and wealth of expertise whilst allowing readers to find out more about you via the provided links back to your other social media and blogging platforms. Below are some of the websites that we use to build on your online professional profiles.


About.Me is a great online profile website for everyone. It serves as a landing page that allows you to include a biography, list of experiences, contact details and social media links. It allows you to use a picture as your background – a great opportunity to use a picture of yourself – and you can include tags such as the industry you work in, your field of expertise and so on. Regardless of your industry or level of experience we recommend everyone have an About.Me account. is a very visual profile site that allows users to create an online CV with a choice of designs. Many of these designs take the form of a more traditional looking CV, however you can make customisations and there are many options to make it more visually impacting – you can even display projects you have worked on using images. Zerply is great for all professionals regardless of which industry they work in, however it has a number of extra features that designers, architects, marketing executives and other types of ‘creatives’ can take advantage of.


Re.Vu allows its users to create a visually impacting profile page, including the option to put a background picture, such as a profile image, and take advantage of graphs and quantifiable achievements. Instead

of sending a physical CV to a recruiter you can now send your Re.Vu CV which is much more in-depth and easy to read than a traditional CV in many cases. It quite literally provides others with a review of your professional achievements – you can also track views and click throughs with a built-in analytics system.


Enthuse.Me is a very simple one page profile that is also very elegant. Suited to all types of professionals it allows users to add insights, press & mentions about them, YouTube videos, current and past projects, and much more. A great example of how one can utilise their Enthuse.Me profile is that of William Hanson, an etiquette expert who has featured his works, mentions and video interviews on his profile. It’s a great way to bring the best of you to one place and highlight it all.


Flavors.Me is another online profile creation tool with a great design. You can add an image as the background and highlight your key skills and achievements. Social linking is also possible with this website, allowing you to send people to your Twitter, LinkedIn page and any other accounts or websites you would like to promote.

Blogging Platforms An effective way to promote your professional brand, increase your online visibility and demonstrate your thought leadership is to have your own personalised blog on which to write articles and share your thoughts on industry news and topics. There are a range of platforms from which to build a blog, including WordPress and Tumblr, and these will allow you to present yourself to other industry professionals, recruiters and even potential employers in a truly personalised fashion. Having your own blog allows you total control over the content that is posted and the overall look of the site. Articles can incorporate links to your other social profiles which will help greatly with your online visibility, and discussions can be started, prompting your readers and followers to engage with your posts via the comments section. When it comes to demonstrating your ability to lead the way in your industry a blog is one of the most powerful tools with which to achieve this. Whilst Twitter allows you to share short and to-the-point updates, LinkedIn allows you to keep your digital CV up-to-date, and your blog allows you to discuss topics in depth and without the constraints of character limits. An example of a Senior Level Executive who is utilising a blog platform in such a way is Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. You can read his blog here. Conclusion The Social Media Management Programme is a fully tailored service that is designed around your needs and requirements. Our dedicated team will create a bespoke package that will achieve results and showcase you as an experienced Senior Executive within your industry. For our board-level members, we offer a free social media assessment. Contact our London office today and we’ll have a look at your online persona and assess how visible you are. We’ll guide you through the steps you need to take so that recruiters and headhunters view you as an industry thought leader and start contacting your directly for relevant vacancies. For more information on our social media management programme please get in contact with us today. Call our London office on +44 203 6276124.

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