Assess Your Online Professional Networking Activities: Beginners Guide

Assess Your Online Professional Networking Activities: Beginners Guide

Social media has provided Senior Executives and Business Leaders alike with a variety of tools and platforms with which to achieve a number of key goals. Whether it be to increase their networking capabilities, search for a new international position, or just manage their on-going executive careers, social media provides business professionals with new ways to interact with the world around them like never before.

Beginners Guide to Accessing Your Online Professional Networking Activities

Assess Your Online Professional Networking Activities: Beginners Guide

What can social media do for your executive career management?

These tools, which include the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging platforms (such as WordPress, Blogger and Medium) are not particularly new to the scene, however the adoption of them by business professionals has become more relevant than ever. This is best highlighted by the top CEOs in the Middle East who have

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utilised social media tools as part of their networking regime.

Networking isn’t just about connecting you with a large audience, but it’s about connecting you with a targeted and reputable audience, one that wants to listen and be listened to. In today’s world it is essential to be able to connect with these individuals, from different geographical locations, in as simple and easy a way as possible – that’s exactly where tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn come into play as powerful networking tools.

With a clear understanding of what each social media tool can do for you and how it can help you to progress in your career is the first step to knowing how you can utilise them in your day-to-day personal and professional life. The second step is realising how just a small amount of time each day can allow you to achieve your professional goals.

In this series of articles we will be exploring the most up-to-date social media approaches and techniques to help you achieve your professional goals and manage your career.


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  1. Pradeep
    August 6, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    This is absolutely right, if you are professional and you are not using social networking sites, definitely you are missing opportunity. It may be your clients, business, prospect candidates for recruiter or missing friends.

    Apart from that promt reply also play a important role in social networking. Be careful and clear in your communication what you are writing and what you want to say.