Singapore: Industries and Roles In Demand

Singapore: Industries and Roles In Demand

Singapore is one of the world’s premier expat destinations. And unlike other prominent destinations, opportunities are not restricted to limited industries. Here are a few of the many industries in demand in Singapore where executives can find the best opportunities to make their expatriate aspirations become a reality:


Efforts to develop Singapore’s accounting industry into one the region’s leading hubs by 2020 has gone off without a hitch to date. In 2015, the sector saw grow by US$ 1.3 Billion.  The continued investment in this sector will drive the creation of opportunities for account managers and Chief Financial Officers.


Banking and Finance

Singapore has become one of the globe’s most influential financial hubs. The nation hosts a myriad of international banks, wealth management firms and other financial organizations.

While growth in the banking and finance sector is expected to be lower this year compared to recent years, Singapore’s economy continues to be triple-A rated, with over 700 financial institutions providing a wide array of financial services. Some bright spots can be seen in the sector as the Monetary Authority of Singapore commits S$225 million to grow the country’s financial technology capabilities. Look for roles- such as Financial Technology Developers and Vice-Presidents of compliance and risk functions-to have notable opportunities available


Singapore is one of the globe’s top three integrated petrochemical hubs. To maintain this exalted status, Singapore’s leading petrochemical hubs continue to invest significantly in terms of output growth and in research and development. The most prominent feature of this investment will be in the modelling of sustainable development.



Singapore is already established as a knowledge economy. Recently, however, the Singapore government has promoted a shift to a high-tech creative economy. Its influence will be felt in sectors such as lifestyle, animation, game design, creative agencies, industrial design, and even sports. Entrepreneurs and chief executives have an opportunity to become pioneers in this emerging sector.


Singapore is poised to become Asia’s best healthcare system. In the pursuit of this ambitious aim, proposals include the creation and develop of at least ten hospitals and three medical centers, along with the accompanying private practices that will service these institutes. As this system continues to grow, demand for professionals with specialist training is expected to remain high. Further, high caliber executives will be required to manage these budding health care institutions.


Singapore’s national government’s efforts, such as the 2015 Intelligent Nation Master plan and the National Broadband Network, are vital instigators of growth for this business sector. These initiatives have already seen Twitter officially open its regional headquarters in the country, with Netflix not far on their heels.  Business development senior account directors and program managers will be two roles where many opportunities will likely be found in the coming months.

Singapore is the world’s leader in the ease of doing business. And the optimal business environment it provides also equates to an assortment of senior-level opportunities across all business sectors. Singapore has lured countless executive expatriates to work and live there; will you join their ranks?

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