Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th March. It’s a day celebrated (historically) by Irish Catholics (as well as a number of other churches) but over the centuries has become a day for celebrating Irish culture and ‘Irishness’.

Saint Paddy’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day Known by many as ‘Saint Paddy’s Day‘ it has become an iconic day for everyone to enjoy all things Irish. From green clothing to lephrechaghns, Guiness to three-leaf clovers and even pots of gold, Saint Patrick’s Day canadian family pharmacy legit is a fun-filled celebratory day that brings people from all nations together. London is a very multi-national city filled with people from all walks of life, but at times it can feel rather un-welcoming and as a London resident myself I’ve experienced some rather unfriendly attitudes in the past – I often wonder if I was to trip up on the pavement would anyone rush over to help me? But what the British (and even the Londoners) know how to do is party, and when we party we seemingly lay down our weapons (metaphorical weapons, of course) and embrace in the celebrations – the recent Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was the a prime example of our ability to unite, with whole streets laden with tables and chairs, food and wine, bunting and all things British! Whilst Saint cheap viagra and cialis Patrick’s Day doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the Royal Wedding, it does bring out the ‘green’ in us all. You’ll find people dressed up as lephrechaghns wearing green outfits, top hats, face paint and come evening gas station viagra time the majority of pubs are filled with Guinness drinkers all wanting to partake in the traditions.

Why Are These Kinds of Celebrations So Important?

Many of our clients at Career Intelligence have, at one stage of their careers, lived and worked in London, and as an expatriate looking to move abroad one is taking many things into consideration, including what the location that they’re moving to is like. Whilst many expats seek warmer climates with not so drastic seasonal changes some (for whatever reason) must move to locations with much colder climates such as the UK, and it’s imporant for these expats to know what life is like for themselves and their families. Whilst we don’t have beautiful white sandy beaches, warm winter tempratures or blue-bird skies in the UK, we do have many cultural celebrations, something that in my opinion makes up for the lack of other things. Saint Patrick’s Day is but one of the many cultral celebrations that we have here and each and every year we all come together to enjoy drinks and food together. These kinds of celebrations are important because they help to form an identity for a country, and Great Britain as a collection of countries knows

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just how to celebrate these days, events and public holidays in style! Ireland What is the most memorable celebration, event or public holiday that you have experienced, where was it and why was how much does cialis cost it so memorable to you? Leave your comments below!

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