Ramadan: How to Leverage the Network You’ve Started to Develop

Ramadan: How to Leverage the Network You’ve Started to Develop

In the third part of the Ramadan series of articles (you can read the first one here and the second one here) we look at how you can leverage the network that you have started to build and develop. Why the timing isn’t right While you certainly can set yourself up for future success with your networking efforts, job offers likely won’t come flooding in during this time in the Middle East. This is due to the same reason that Ramadan provides a great opening to approach valuable contacts: business activities have slowed down. These prized contacts are more readily available to reach out to because operations have waned to accommodate the religious season; when activities are slowed down, it is only natural that

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many industries are not anticipating to immediately expand their payroll. If an opportunity is to arise, then by all means take it. But one should not anticipate such openings to be prevalent, nor should you press any contact about immediate opportunities you are not already aware of. What to do instead Rather than pursuing executive opportunities, Ramadan is a time to focus on the relationships you have, or hope to develop. Focus on grooming an effective network, and in particular, an inner circle of contacts. This inner circle is ideally 30 to 50 individuals who can provide candid professional advice and trustworthy assistance. While a majority of your networking during the year may occur by way of social media, take Ramadan as an opportunity to stress offline networking. Since it is less likely to be industry conferences occurring during this time, use this as a chance to meet contacts in more private and social settings. When to finally make your move This is determined in large part by the research you conducted leading up to Ramadan. By what you discover during this prep, you will have a more appropriate timeline for when to make such approaches. Be prepared to not to make any job-specific approach if the circumstances dictate. It is more likely that your best result will be to cement a strong relationship, so that you can make a more direct approach regarding a position when regular operations resume. This will require patience and excellent timing, but the rewards are well worth the extra effort. However, if conditions align to make such an approach plausible, then it is best to leverage this opportunity during Eid-ul-Fitr. The festivities for Ramadan have heightened, and Ramadan is nearing its finale. A strong but subtle approach during this time will resonate more powerfully than an approach earlier in the season. It is still the Ramadan season, but regular business operations will resume in only a few days’ time. You will be able to stay fresher in your contact’s memory, which will increase the likelihood that they will put in a greater effort on your behalf.

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