Is Your CV Recruiter Friendly?

Is Your CV Recruiter Friendly?

Your CV is an essential part of your job application. It’s your list of career experiences and wealth of knowledge in the form of a document that allows recruiters and headhunters to see who you are and what you have achieved. However, for such an important document, so many get it very wrong.

The first mistake that most people make is not formatting their CV correctly and making it ‘recruiter friendly’.

Is Your CV ‘Recruiter Friendly’?

Regardless of the position on offer, each key influencer looking through your CV has a limited time frame, so getting your information across to them through your CV is essential, and doing this in the shortest time possible can be the difference between getting to the next stage in the application or not.

Jenny, one of Career Intelligence’s Senior Coaches says, “Your CV is an efficient marketing document if it is ‘recruiter friendly’ and allows them to determine very easily how your sills and experience match the job they are trying to fill. If your CV doesn’t tick these boxes then you must rethink it immediately.”

“Recruiters and headhunters are target driven, therefore it is important to give them all of the relevant information on page 1, rather than expect them to read your whole CV to ensure your suitability for the job in hand.”

Jenny also adds, “Recruiters and headhunters should not be expected to infer your suitability for the positions you are targeting. Candidates need to give them relevant information how their skills and experience match job requirements. In a saturated market, recruiters do not have to ‘think outside the box’ and make a lot of effort to find a good candidate. Candidates who are most successful are those who can market themselves well. Therefore, candidates have to be prepared to tailor your CV every time you apply for a job.”

One CV Doesn’t Fit All

The second major mistake that people make is not having multiple CV’s, because one CV doesn’t fit all.

Another of our Senior Coaches, Tia says, “As no two job descriptions are the same, no two CVs should be identical. A CV should tell the recruiter why you are the best person for THEIR job, not a similar job. They have taken time to describe the perfect candidate, so you need to take time to match yourself.”

Tailoring your CV to each job application will allow you to present yourself in the best way possible and allow the recruiter or headhunter to find out the key information about you in the quickest time possible.


Investing time in perfecting your CV for each application is essential. Every application should have a tailored CV and cover letter highlighting the skills you have acquired over the years that are best suited to each position.

Our team of highly skilled Senior Coaches have worked with some of the biggest recruitment companies in the world and have the experience necessary to guide you through your job hunt and application, as well as create a selection of perfectly fitting tailored CV’s. If you would like to find out more and arrange a call with our Relationship Managers then please click here.

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