How Mentors Can Help You Break Into the C-Suite

How Mentors Can Help You Break Into the C-Suite

Have you been

struggling to breaking through to the c-suite despite adequate years of experience as a senior manager? Do you feel like you are struggling to become recognised as a leader within your organisation? Or ever feel like you’ve hit a wall with an idea and not know where to look or who to go to? Have you ever considered using a mentor? A mentor is a great way to build upon your skill-set, helping you discover previously untapped and unused potential and challenge your current thinking. Mentors offer advice that has usually come through years of working in the same level and higher level of hierarchy that you have worked at. MentoringBut often there is a misconception that mentors are only for younger employees. Mentors can actually be very effective for Senior Managers, C-suite executives, even board members. Outlined in an article on HBR, CEOs need mentors too, were the benefits mentors have given the selected few whom were interviewed (about 45 CEO’s who have formal mentoring arrangements). Of the respondents:

  • 71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result of mentoring.
  • 69% said they were making better decisions because of it.
  • 76% said they were more capably fulfilling stakeholder expectations.
  • 84% of CEO’s credited mentors with helping them avoid making mistakes and becoming more proficient in their roles.

Heck, even the president of the United States of America said he loves mentoring. Arguably the largest benefit of mentoring is how it runs on a personal relationship basis. It can work for you in whatever capacity, whether you want it to help you jump into the c-suite office or become recognised more within your company. Mentoring can also help you whilst out of a job to springboard

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you onto a new one. As a sounding board, they can help you identify and shape a career goal and clearer direction, whilst most likely having a network of contacts they could be willing to open up if they see value in your skill-set. If you have been struggling with anything in your professional career why not try a mentor? To gain a deeper understanding of mentoring is holding a live webinar with a panel coaches and mentors where popular questions about mentoring will be discussed.

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