Leverage LinkedIn Status Updates for Your Executive Search

Leverage LinkedIn Status Updates for Your Executive Search

Many individuals treat LinkedIn as simply a place to keep your resume online for others to see. However, this approach is not maximizing all that LinkedIn can be for ambitious job seekers. There are other very useful ways of marketing your professional brand on LinkedIn. Especially in an international job hunt, LinkedIn can be a conduit where you can use the different applications to your personal and professional advantage. Here are a few effective points into how to leverage LinkedIn status updates to promote yourself for an international job hunt. Why use LinkedIn status updates for your job search? Essentially, your status updates represent who you are at work. Because these align so closely to your work persona, your posts on LinkedIn can be a huge tool in promoting your professional brand to others. Updates can help your network get to know what you are all about professionally, thereby connecting with you on a deeper level. By building these stronger relationships, your network will soon appreciate your expertise and will more enthusiastically assist you in future job search inquiries. What type of status updates to utilize? Before considering what sort of updates to use, it is critical to know what sorts of materials not to post. Do not post anything as blunt and self-interested as “I’m in a job hunt. Does anyone have any leads for me? Who’s hiring?” Posts such as this one scream of desperation and a lack of professionalism. Further, the post is not specific enough to have your network help you in any meaningful way. In place of poor messaging such as that above, it is encouraged that you let the world know you are looking, without saying it directly. Consider posting options such as the following: 1. Mentions of networking events, meetings, or seminars that you are

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attending. 2. People you are meeting in your job search. Provide shout-outs to those helping you in your endeavors when appropriate. 3. Links to helpful articles, websites, blog posts, or videos written by well-respected subject matter experts that your network will benefit from. 4. Links to blog posts or articles you have written, to showcase your skills and knowledge. 5. Continuing education classes you’ve signed up for, certifications you are working on, or conferences you are participating in. 6. Companies that you are interested in. Interviews you are preparing for or have completed. For example, you can create post such as “I’m very interested in opportunities at [insert company name]. Does anyone have experience interviewing with them? Please send me a message!”

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7. Questions you have that your network can help you with. The key to these status updates is primarily to demonstrate your enthusiasm and competence within your professional niche. The secondary goal is to provide subtle clues that you may be looking toward a career change. Through these more subtle status updates, it’s just a matter of time before a contact asks if you’re available for an interview, or a recruiter reaches out to you. The LinkedIn status update is a powerful tool, and a shrewd executive candidate can use it to great effect. It can help convey your ongoing professional endeavors, interests, professional development; it can also further networking by sharing content with your network, all while telling people that you actually do spend time on the social platform. Status updates help keep your name and headline in front of the people in your network who can be pivotal in landing your next executive position. Make sure you’re ready to take your career to CEO level and succeed. Sign up to the CI Executive Career Management programme and get access to a Career Coach to guide and coach you through your journey to your next executive role. Also, don’t forget to keep a lookout for the top roles that become available in emerging markets.

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