An Introduction To Our Senior Career Manager, Colin Duncan

An Introduction To Our Senior Career Manager, Colin Duncan

At Career Intelligence, we have a fantastic team of highly trained and skilled invididuals, including our Career Manager team. One of the Senior Career Managers is Colin Duncan.

An Introduction To Colin Duncan, Senior Career Manager

Colin Duncan, Senior Career Manager.Colin is a highly experienced Executive Coach, and an ICF member, having coached clients from organisations as diverse as Royal Mail, Microsoft,

RBS and other Blue Chip and FTSE100 companies. He has wide industry knowledge, and uses a combination of counselling skills, expert guidance and coaching to ensure you can make informed decisions and take the action you need to progress your career. An earlier successful career in Financial Recruitment, running a bespoke Headhunting service in the City of London, helps to inform each session and provides expert insider knowledge on ways into the market. Colin Duncan’s Recent Feedback: “Colin is a true professional in every sense, quickly identifying areas within my career programme that needed attention. His invaluable coaching skills ensured that I was fully prepared for my next career change.” — Alistair Nash, Director of International Sales, PaperlinX “With Colin I was able to really sharpen my focus on what to look for and then to get recruitment consultants to focus on me. He explained in great detail how consultants worked and how to be ‘front of mind’. I worked throughout Christmas! and by week 1 in January the phone started to ring from the consultants. By the end of January 4/5 the interviews started coming, at one stage averaging 2 a week! And top corporate names too. I was offered a job on my second interview.” —Peter MacDonald, Finance Professional You can watch a range of videos from Colin Duncan via our YouTube channel. LINK

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