In’s and Outs of Interim Management – Middle East

In’s and Outs of Interim Management – Middle East

The modern world of business is evolving. Part of this evolution can be seen in the changing roles available to executive decision-makers and the structures found within the corporate world. One of these changing traits can be seen in the growth of interim management. Interim management has added a new dimension for executive opportunities, particularly in the Middle East. Learn more about what role you can play in this dynamic new aspect of commerce.

The In’s-and Outs of Interim Management

interim management, meeting What is interim management? Interim management is the provisional adoption of management resources and skills. Interim management is typically viewed as a short-term assignment or business project. Interim managers can fill gaps or take on strategic roles; they deliver results quickly before moving on to the next assignment. The managers who fill these posts are generally experienced executives with specialist skills and a track record of achievement; they are brought into an organization to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within. A business may choose to pursue an interim manager for several reasons. The role in question may not be a permanent position. For example, a company may need veteran logistical support solely to help the firm’s transition from one headquarters to another base of operations. In other instances, a permanent executive or manager cannot be found quickly enough. Whatever the reason, interim managers offer major benefits to firms, given their experience in leadership positions.

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How to become involved in interim management? Becoming involved as an interim manager/executive is very similar to that of traditional management. The role of networking, particularly with recruiters, is paramount. There are many recruiting agencies that specialise in interim management, so it is advisable to do your research based on your destination of choice as well as industry. Use tools such as social media and industry conferences to be introduced to key personnel involved in such selection processes, and to develop stronger business relationships. managers meeting Why should you consider these opportunities? Becoming an interim manager/executive certainly comes with its perks. By obtaining such a role, you can gain greater flexibility, independence, variety from your professional pursuits. This flexibility can be especially appealing for newcomers to the Middle East who hope to absorb more of the local culture and customs. By not working on a full-time basis, there is more time to travel, learn the local dialect, and embrace one’s new community. And if your experience is

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not what you were anticipating, it can also be advantageous as you have no long-term ties or obligations. If your posting in Muscat does not live up to expectations, there is greater freedom to

move to Abu Dhabi or elsewhere to find the location that best suits you. As an interim manager, you may be expected to fulfill three or four assignments with different organisations over a period of one year. This should prove more interesting and challenging than a typical work year. Furthermore, this experience may ultimately provide you with a valuable portfolio of business experience. For the business professional, roles in interim management also provide the opportunity to practice your trade with true objectivity. While you should be sensitive to any company’s ethos, an interim manager has the luxury of not being constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols. Interim managers can fill gaps or take on strategic roles; they deliver the required results quickly before moving on to the next assignment. meeting, business people Interim management provides new and exciting challenges for aspiring executives. Particularly in the Middle East, such positions offer great opportunities to stay active and lucrative in the business realm, while also discovering the flexibility and freedom afforded in these unique positions.

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