Industry Insider’s Top Tips on Twitter

Industry Insider’s Top Tips on Twitter

To a new user, Twitter can seem confusing. In fact, to a new user, Twitter (with no one to guide you) can seem nigh on impossible. I can imagine that many of you would give up, rather than persist with the new-fangled social media platform.

Why should you be using Twitter? It’s a brilliant tool to use to interact with like-minded individuals you might never have come across in day to day business life. You can read up on relevant news, stumble upon interesting companies and brands that are innovative and people become interested in what you, yourself, have to say.

I’m here to say: don’t give up! I have got 5 top tips that will take ten minutes to do, but will have a dramatic impact on your Twitter knowledge and activity.

Top Tip 1: Your bio is your billboard – make it personal, and include a URL link.

There is no point leaving this vital bit of advertising space blank. Your bio is how people decide that, ‘Yes, this person knows what they’re talking about and seems well rounded, I will interact with them’. Making your bio personalised encourages interaction, and a business URL link will demonstrate what you do in the working world.

Top Tip 2: Put a face to the name – upload your photo.

Without a photo, on Twitter, you are a mere ‘egg’ icon. With a page all about you, written by you, sharing your opinions… it makes sense to have a photo of you on the page. Yet many people don’t take the time to do this. Putting a face to the content makes your page more personable, and allows your follows to get to know you.

Top Tip 3: Sharing is caring – Tweet content regularly.

This seems very obvious. One of the cardinal sins of new Twitter users is going gung-ho on their first few days and tweeting about 50 times a day, but giving up after a week. The moral of the tortoise and the hare fable, slow and steady wins the race, is definitely applicable to Twitter. Tweeting once a day or ten times a day, but every day – this is much more beneficial than long periods of cyber-silence.

Top Tip 4: Who to follow?

Be it the top internationally renowned companies, high flying individuals or your colleagues, the people you follow on Twitter should interest you. If they interest you, it’s more likely you will interest them also – a sure-fire way to generate interaction. If in doubt, there is a section called ‘Who to Follow’ on the left hand side of your Twitter homepage. This generates users, based on your bio and tweet content, that would be appropriate for you to follow – a seriously underrated tool.

Top Tip 5: RT, RT, RT!

What is an RT? A Re-Tweet of course! If you are scrolling through your Twitter newsfeed and see something which catches your eye – a comment or an article – don’t just think ‘oh, that’s interesting’ and move on. Retweet it! If the article appealed to you, no doubt your followers will love it too. RTing is a great way to maximise your own activity too, without the stress of whether you sound witty and engaging in 140 characters.

So there you have it: 5 simple things to get you up and running with your Twitter account. Don’t worry if you don’t wake up the next morning with 1,000,000 new followers – that only happens to celebrities like Richard Branson (who actually has a following of 3,341,754 at time of writing). But if you follow these easy steps, you should see growing activity on a daily basis.

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