Industry Insider – Is Podio Powerful or Pointless?

Industry Insider – Is Podio Powerful or Pointless?

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trepidation when you’re told that something is the ‘new big thing’. You think, ‘How can something I’ve never heard of suddenly be being used by all my colleagues?’ Unfortunately, some things can just pass us by… This was how I felt when everyone in the Career Intelligence office was raving about Podio, especially as part of the Total Career Management Programme. So, join me on a journey through the new management app for your smart phone, and decide whether Podio is a powerful tool: 1. You can download it instantly on your smartphone, and for free. Everyone loves something which is instantaneous, and this is extremely simple to download. But, I can hear some of you protesting already – don’t like the size of an iPhone screen? It is also available for your desktop and tablet too – so you can access your Podio both at home and on the move. 2. What’s not to like about having your own personal online workspace? Whether you like being organised, or just enjoy having your documents, conversations and social media in one place, then Podio is for you. I, personally, like everything to be compartmentalised into easy to find, neat files. This is what I like about Podio – it is just so easy to navigate. Your workspace also eliminates the need for constant, tiresome, back and forth emailing, as everything is there. With instant alerts and approval functions, the need for this is eliminated! 3. Why is Twitter becoming so important in daily life? Twitter is a key aspect of any professional’s life, as it allows you to follow leading industry experts, tweet interesting articles and engage with people in similar walks of life. Online visibility is one sure-fire way of alerting your new potential employers to your existence and bountiful skill set. Being proactive on Twitter, and other social media platforms, means that if your name is Googled: you’re more likely to be seen. Which, in my books, surely equals a higher chance of employability. 4. Podio is INSTANT – therefore brilliant for Twitter! We’ve established that Twitter is absolutely key in this ever-changing, fast-paced business world we find ourselves in today. Podio being so instant was possibly my favourite part of the app. When you’re dealing with social media platforms, it is absolutely

crucial to be current, up to speed and immediate. On Podio, tweets can be uploaded and approved instantly. Podio allows all these essential Twitter processes (following people, tweeting and messaging) to be uploaded onto your workspace by colleagues or Social Media Managers. From here: instantly approved! All at the touch of a button. 5. Need multiple individuals involved? Simple: just share your workspace. Podio is such an effective management tool because you can share your workspace with others. Share with your PA, your colleagues, Career Intelligence researchers, relationship managers, social media managers… You never need to go anywhere else but your workspace. You can get bossy and set tasks. You receive alerts to keep things instant. You can communicate like an Instant Message. It makes team collaboration with clients as easy as if you were sitting around a table in a boardroom. So I guess you’re waiting on tenterhooks now for my verdict. Personally? I think that Podio is a great app: simple and easy to use, instant and is a brilliant helping hand. I also think that all the best things are heard about through recommendation, and from what I’ve heard (with my ear to the job-searching-ground) it is being used by lots of senior level business people already for their social media management. With regards to managing Twitter? I would consider it a necessity, as everything can be approved instantaneously, which is the core appeal of Twitter. But for you? I can’t make up your mind – all I suggest is that you download the app for yourself and try it out.

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