What Industries Are In Demand In Singapore?

What Industries Are In Demand In Singapore?

Singapore is a business and cultural centre that offers a wealth of opportunities for the world’s top executive talent. An internationally orientated economy, Singapore provides an extremely gratifying experience for those executives who choose to work there.

Here are a few of the industries in demand in Singapore where executives can find the best opportunities, to make their expatriate dreams come a reality.


Singapore is poised to become Asia’s best healthcare system. Singapore’s efforts have already provided examples of its excellence, as more than 450,000 foreign patients are currently in-country to take advantage of these services.

In its quest to become one of the world’s standard bearers in medical practices, the Joint Commission International (JCI) has proposed the addition of ten hospitals and three medical centres in the country. With the affordable, quality and premium health-care, more patients are surely coming. Thus, the health-care sector is growing and presents many opportunities to become a strong pillar of Singapore- and high caliber executives will be required to manage these budding health care institutions.


Singapore has become the financial hub of Southeast Asia. Singapore hosts a multitude of international banks, wealth management firms and other financial institutions. A strong economy, straightforward infrastructure, pro-business environment, an advantageous geographical location, and a talented international workforce has made Singapore one of the premier locations for international finance anywhere. 

Look to see many more firms to expand into the Singaporean market. A special emphasis will likely be seen in the development and expansion of foreign exchange and insurance sectors.

Masayoshi Son, Softbank


Singapore is one of the world’s top three integrated petrochemical hubs. Being at the forefront of the industry, it is developing competitive feedstock for petrochemicals, advanced materials and specialty chemicals. To support the continual growth of this industry, a strong base of world-renowned chemical logistics companies has set up significant operations in Singapore.


As the world continues to evolve, the growth and influence of Southeast Asia continues to rise. Centrally located within this up-and-coming region is none other than Singapore. With its world class port and shipping centres, Singapore is, and will continue to be, the epicentre of this advancement. As a logistics hub, Singapore’s real estate can’t be beat.

Beyond geographical advantages, Singapore has also placed a business and political policy premium on upgrading its national infrastructure and connectivity in recent years. This will provide a strong base for the nation to develop and deliver sustainable supply chain solutions for the global economy. Strong executives will be required to manage these ambitious endeavours.


Casinos and Gaming 

The last several decades have seen the casino industry being strictly banned in Singapore. However, recent developments have seen the re-introduction of this industry. According to the Singapore government, the growth of the casino and gaming sector will provide a significant boost to the tourism and hospitality sector, along with other service-related industries.

The emergence of casinos are projected to boost about S$30 billion by the end of this year, as well as increase the job market by the addition of 30,000 direct and indirect jobs. Seasoned executives in this industry will be in high demand to bring Singapore’s casino and gaming community to the high standards seen in locations such as Macau and Las Vegas. 

No matter how gorgeous a location can be, it is hard to reconcile a move abroad if one cannot maintain a comfortable standard of living. Luckily for potential executive expats, Singapore offers the best of both. Opportunities abound throughout an assortment of business sectors. Singapore has lured countless executive expatriates to work and live there; will you join their ranks?



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