Increase Your Professional Visibility With Google Authorship

Increase Your Professional Visibility With Google Authorship

Whether you’re looking to make a career move or happy in your current job, you should always be proactive in finding ways to boost your professional visibility online in order increase and maintain your networking efforts. Now, with the recent launch of Google Authorship, there is no more impactful way to boost your professional profile online and enable your professional community to find you at the touch of a button.

What is Google Authorship

Google’s primary goal is to provide its users with the most relevant web pages according to their search query.

When you create and share original content online, Google analyses this data and works out whether it would be of interest to others. If someone decided to search for topics on recent news concerning, for example, the oil and gas industry, then Google would present them with search findings of relevance. However, with more websites, blogs and forums popping up every day and a lot of irrelevant or low quality content, providing the most relevant links becomes tricky. To overcome this, Google has created ‘author rank’ to provide another way in which it can reward high quality content and the creators of such content and ensure they are highly prominent in search results pages.

By creating an author rank for an individual, Google can create an online profile that knows how successful each article is that they write and how important it would be for another to read it. By linking directly with Google’s own social network, Google+ (Google plus), Google are able to link content by individuals from all over the web with their very own user profile, along with a profile picture, biography, web links and any content shared through the Google+ network. By creating a profile for an individual in this way, Google are able to successfully rank each individual and present their articles in a much more organic and user friendly way. By presenting a profile picture of the content creator next to a snippet of their article, a user is much more likely to trust the content presented to them and increase the likelihood of them clicking on that link to find out more.

Blogging is the Key to a High Author Rank

Blogging is an incredibly powerful way of increasing your online professional profile, engaging with like-minded individuals and thought leaders and demonstrating your huge wealth of knowledge on a particular topic or industry. Whilst many don’t understand what blogging is or how beneficial it is in a professional capacity, blogging is something that you must adopt now. Simply learning just the basics will put you way ahead of the crowd in this new age of Google Authorship.

Think of blogging as a way of sharing your knowledge with the world. As a senior executive you’ve worked in your field or industry for many years and knowledge is something you bring to the table every single day. Sharing some of that knowledge would be incredibly powerful for you and be of huge interest to many colleagues and industry professionals.

But, when the aim is share your knowledge with others, you also need to ensure that people know where to look. With so many blogs flying around the internet, it’s essential to make sure that you promote your blog and allow people to understand who you are

– your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of Google’s new Authorship, also known as Author Rank.

Creating original, high quality content online, via a blog for example, will help you to build a high author rank. This means that when someone searches for topics relating to your content – which you could have posted on your blog, on someone else’s blog or on a forum somewhere – there is much higher chance that your content will be highlighted on the first page of the Google search results. The more original content you create the higher your author rank becomes, the higher your author rank the greater the changes that your content will reach the people that matter.

How Google Author Rank Can Help You

The aim of your blog is to share your knowledge with others, engage with like-minded professionals in your industry and build an engaged audience. These people will help you to gain a trusted personal brand and build an online reputation by liking, commenting on and sharing your content. This will help Google to determine you as a high quality author and essentially a thought leader. The more original content that you post, the more likely your Google author rank will go up. The higher your rank the more likely you’ll appear on the first page of Google search results for keywords relating to those in your articles.

By creating a Google+ profile (instructions here) and setting up your author rank properly, any content that you create around the web will be linked to your profile, providing you with increased personal branding.

Another benefit of Google author rank is that it provides people with your profile picture – providing you’ve updated your Google+ profile with it – and many studies show that this increases the click through rate as people trust a link with a picture of an individual – it adds a personal brand to every article.

Final Thoughts

The first step is to create a blog. It doesn’t matter what platform you use or how it looks – a very simple Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress hosted blog will suffice, However, just by creating original content, sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the crowd and in a great position.

Think of blogging as the new, more advanced form of networking. A blog will allow others to find out about you, engage with you, share their knowledge with you and increase your chances of being discovered by key individuals, say recruiters looking to fill an available c-level position.

Our highly skilled social media team and total career managers are available right now to discuss how we can help you to achieve your online networking goals, build a solid online professional profile and build a high Google author rank today. Contact us today!

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