Increase Your Profile Views With LinkedIn Stats

Increase Your Profile Views With LinkedIn Stats

Scroll down the sidebar of your LinkedIn Profile page, and you’ll notice a section entitled “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” If you click on this section, you’ll see an entire page of stats and in-depth information designed to aid you in your professional branding on your profile. But what on earth does all of these LinkedIn statistics mean?

These facts and figures can appear too daunting at first glance- resulting in many job searchers to ignoring this section. However, if these stats are utilised correctly, they can tell us an incredible amount about the strengths and weaknesses of your LinkedIn profile, and how you can improve it to assist in your job hunt.

Let’s take a look at each component of these statistics and provide insight into how to use it most effectively:

LinkedIn Statistics Homepage

This section is the home of your profile statistics. This page shows you all of the profile views you have received in the past 90 days. The number of views itself is not that significant with anything over 100- depending on how long you have been a LinkedIn member.

The biggest indicator here is the line graph. The line graph provides an idea about the current trend your profile views are receiving. Have the changes to your profile had a positive impact on your views? Has being more active on LinkedIn provided an upward trend? The ultimate goal is to have this line graph moving in an upward direction, signalling that your efforts are gaining you more attention.


The information along the right-hand side provides useful info demonstrating how being more active correlates with more profile views. As you can see above, I have increased activity this week, thus LinkedIn anticipates me to have higher profile views. Typically, the more active you are on LinkedIn, the more profile views you will receive.

Viewers who work at…

This segment provides insights into where people are viewing your profile are from and where they work. If you are looking to move abroad, this can be very helpful data to understand if you are making headway in connecting with people from your preferred destination. For example, if someone were looking to move to London, their profile statistics should indicate that they are an active member within this community, as it is the region with the highest amount of profile views.

Further, if these profile views are coming from top-level organisations within your particular niche or industry, this suggests that you are networking with the right people.


If you want a more comprehensive breakdown of where every view is specifically coming from, then it would be advantageous to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium profile.

How You Rank For Profile Views

If you click “How you rank in profile views” in the top right-hand corner of the homepage, you will be able to see how your profile ranks compared to all of your connections. Your ambition should be to rank within the top 5% in this category. If you are not in this category, then perhaps you should have a look at what those who are at the top of the list are doing with their LinkedIn profiles. Use some tips from their profiles to boost your own.

Viewers with the title…

This data segment is arguably one of the most beneficial. This is because it shows you what types of individuals are looking at your LinkedIn profile.

As a job seeker, you want to see titles such as Recruiter, Headhunter, Talent Acquisition Manager, and HR Manager. If these titles are not popping up, then you need to do some alterations to your LinkedIn profile. This may include the addition of more industry-related keywords, adding media such as links to professional samples, acquiring more Recommendations, and updating your Honor & Awards.

Staffing and recruiting and HR are great industries to be showing in this diagram on the right, as well as the industry you work in. This can be used to assume your influence within your professional sphere.

Anonymous “LinkedIn Member”

As a basic member with a free profile, you can only see the 5 most recent people who have viewed your profile. As a premium member, you will receive the entire list. However, what you don’t get access to are the names and profiles of those “anonymous” members.


This is just speculation, but from experience these people are tend to be one of the following: a recruiter/headhunter, someone from a competitor company within your industry, or someone who is extremely security conscienous. Here’s why:

A recruiter or headhunter tend to turn this setting to private to rid themselves of a constant stream of messages from people who would reach out to them if they knew they were viewing their profile. As mentioned before, this is mere speculation. However, by reviewing the most popular job titles in my personal statistics, Recruiter was a constant presence- and I know definitely that I haven’t seen the same volume of viewable profiles with the title Recruiter in this section, despite there being plenty of “anonymous” views.

Anonymous views can also be someone in an HR department of a competitor’s organization. With the desire to hire the best talent in an extremely competitive marketplace, there is a highly competitive market for poaching competing companies’ best talent. They may want to keep the fact they are looking at your profile undercover until they pursue you more aggressively. .

If you want to unlock the full list of individuals who have viewed your profile, you can upgrade to LinkedIn Premium. However, if you review your stats regularly, there is no real necessity to purchase Premium for this reason.

If you are considering LinkedIn Premium, you can try it on a free trial basis. It can be an incredibly useful resource, However, be sure to cancel it if you do not want to pay for it. Premium operates on an auto renewal system, so if you haven’t cancelled before the renewal period comes around, your credit card will be charged.

Get the most out of your profile by checking the statistics section of your LinkedIn profile regularly. If you want additional help in improving more specific aspects of your profile, then upload your CV to our database for a free LinkedIn appraisal.

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