If You Are Going to Resign, Do It Properly

If You Are Going to Resign, Do It Properly

Last week we talked about 5 signs that it is time to leave your job. If the time has come and ready to leave your job make sure you do it properly and do not burn any bridges along the way.

Providing have secured your new job and are preparing for the new adventure ahead, before you leave your old position and company behind, it is important to make this a clean and smooth transition. Consider these actions upon your resignation.

Provide proper notice

Give adequate notice. Be sure to check your contract and HR policies as to how long your notice should be. The hierarchy of the position depends on the length of notice you must give. It can be anywhere from one to six months. This is largely due to the higher the position, the more complex tasks you have to undertake. It is a position much more difficult to fill than entry level. If this is the case, be prepared to provide additional time for your organization to find your replacement and offer to train this individual.agony-aunt-interview

Don’t burn bridges

Burning bridges may be your emotional response of choice. There are undoubtedly individuals who have rubbed you the wrong way, and now you appear to have the opportunity to have the last laugh. But avoid this temptation.

As a savvy business professional, it should be more important to maintain professional integrity, as well as keep future options available if a sudden change of circumstances occurs to you in your industry. Remain professional throughout the process and be on your best behaviour. Ensuring you leave your company on amicable terms can help with future recommendations, and if you ever elect to come back and work for the organization.

Make proper assignment arrangements

Plan how you’ll transfer your professional responsibilities. Don’t leave your manager and colleagues overwhelmed with unfinished work. Establish a transition plan for your responsibilities and any unfinished projects. Create a list with your recommendations on how your work can be shifted to others in the department until your position is filled.

Show your appreciation to team members and co-workers

You could not achieve your professional accomplishments without the assistance of your colleagues. Prior to leaving, be sure to demonstrate your appreciation in some fashion. Perhaps you can bring in sweets, baking or coffee for the office on your last day. Obviously the type of company will determine what is appropriate or not.

Special consideration should also be given to your manager. As a show of goodwill, consider a more individualized show of appreciation. One way this could be done is by offering to take him or her out for lunch on your last day.

Leave contact detailsbusiness card swap

Another detail not to overlook is to be prepared for after your “last day”. Remember to leave your manager and co-workers with updated contact information. This will make communication easier in the event of unforeseen hiccups (which happens for more often than you think) or to keep them as part of your professional network.

Continue to work hard

Work as hard as you can, all the way up until the waning minutes of your last day. The best way to ensure you leave on a positive note is to work hard at your job and at ensuring a smooth transition right up until the time you’re walking out the front door.

Resigning your current job is never easy, especially if it is somewhere where you have had a pleasant and successful experience. However, bigger and better things are out there, and sometimes the time is just right to move on. By bowing out with grace and goodwill, your resignation will lead to the best possible ending for both you and your employer.

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