How to Initiate the Headhunting Process Whilst Still in a Job

How to Initiate the Headhunting Process Whilst Still in a Job

It is not unfamiliar for many top executives phones to have fallen silent as the recruitment industry transitions – as many companies are – into the digital age. But it is a question

often asked; and often debated. How would an executive go about initiating the headhunting process without alarming their current employer? Here are some initial steps you can take to see if there are opportunities out there for you.

Identify the role you want How to prepare for networking during RamadanIt may seem impeering, but you may be surprised how many people miss this crucial step. Casting your net too wide is the first stumbling block of the process. Direction is imperative. Be clear with yourself and identify the type of position you desire. Once you have identified this it will allow you to concentrate on the right areas and maybe you have to alter your CV and LinkedIn accordingly. Find the right people within your network to seek out and pin-point the areas you need assistance with. This will save you time, money and give you the greatest chance of actually obtaining that position you seek as opposed to settling for something you may be less passionate about. Use your network Your network is your best source for new opportunities. Aside from receiving the potential for any internal opportunities they have heard of, you can also use your network to help clarify the types of positions they see you capable of. Use their subjective point of view to seek their advice on your strengths/weaknesses and whether what you believe is actually attainable. They will help identify key skills you can offer, which will be important later in the recruitment process. This can be invaluable in establishing clarity moving forward. Think about any Boards that you are on and whether anyone on their can help you. These are often excellent resources for counsel. Reach out to Recruiters in your Network business card swapBy the time you reach this stage you should hopefully have a clear idea of where you want to head, what positions you desire and potentially some internal leads from your network. By going to headhunters and recruiters with a specific request (after the first two stages) it will help narrow the time invested on both yours and the recruiters part. It will demonstrate to the recruiter the amount of work you have already put in and offer a clear pathway to positions you are looking for and your areas of competency. This will give you more timely feedback on the plausibility of such a move. Start with recruiters within your network; those who know you best and are likely to remember you more than someone you have simply found on LinkedIn. You should begin to see a clear indication as to whether a move is imminent or you may need to wait for other opportunities. It is a fruitful process where you may uncover unknown and interesting relationships. A tough time but with the right direction and concentration an equally rewarding one.

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