How to Re-enter the Executive Job Market After an Absence of 5+ years

How to Re-enter the Executive Job Market After an Absence of 5+ years

In the modern business environment, there is a growing trend of individuals who are choosing unconventional career paths. This may include professional detours like opting out of executive roles for some time to raise children, or to care for an ill or aging family member. No matter the reason, it can be difficult to take the splunge back into the business world after a long absence. This is especially true for those looking to jump straight back into an executive capacity. But with proficient networking and personal branding, the savvy business professional can overcome this absence and will be rewarded with fantastic job opportunities. Here’s how:

Choose a focus

Executive job hunting without a sharp focus is tremendously more difficult and far less effective. Take the time to self-evaluate and to understand your requirements (and prospects) for a new position. Then maximize your efforts to find openings that align with these attributes. When self-evaluating, think about key aspects such as your natural strengths, inherent weaknesses, areas of interest, values, and personality. These details will dictate if certain career prospects are appropriate for your skills and overall well-being.

Ramp up your networking

Networking is never more important than when you have been out of the industry for any period of time. Be proactive in becoming acquainted with individuals who can serve as references and points of contact. Exchanging business cards at networking event. One option is to try to find a professional association that represents the people in your preferred career field. Collaborating with such an entity makes it much easier for job hunters to network their way into a new job when their efforts are concentrated within a specific profession. If you regularly attend activities with the same group, you will eventually be regarded as a confidante, doubling your chances of support in your professional pursuits. Networking should involve a multitude of channels. Place phone calls to close friends and relatives. Update your professional profiles on social media such as LinkedIn. Attend business conferences and luncheons. Develop a reliable caucus that will work hand-in-hand with you; be sure to provide assistance back in return whenever possible.

Get involved with non-executive professional activities

One interesting method to marginalize the absences in your CV is through the inclusion of short-term work projects. This may include taking on a leadership role with a non-profit organization or acting as a consultant for an organization within your desired industry. Both of these roles tend to be easier to land than full-time executive positions. Think of these actions as an investment in your future business goals. In addition to helping build your professional network, these are also CV-building activities that can dramatically change how your CV looks in a limited time span.

Choose an alternative CV styling

If you have significant work experience holes in your CV, it may be best to choose a functional CV format instead of the traditional chronological approach. When developing this functional formatting, highlight your skills and experience rather than dates as the CV’s organizing principle.

Project confidence

Many executive candidates who are attempting to make a comeback to the workforce after a significant absence tend to adopt a conciliatory or self-conscious disposition in executive interviews. Remember, however, that your circumstance is not that unusual and that you should not be repentant for forgoing a business career to accommodate more pressing personal circumstances. Be confident in yourself and what you have to offer as a business leader. executive-job-interview To help project this confidence, create a succinct account of your professional career and your life experiences. Practice recounting this pitch until you’ve got it down to a T. Often, hiring managers and recruiters are more drawn to candidates who demonstrate composure, self-assurance, and tenacity than to those who have sterling credentials but timid personalities. Re-entering the business world and finding the right executive role after a hiatus can be a challenging process. However, developing a job search strategy that helps you downplay your absence can significantly boost your chances of acquiring a new position. These tools can help ease the job search jitters as you enter this exciting new phase of your life. Do you have the confidence to approach the job market? If

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