How to Enhance Your Job Application with Social Media Activities

How to Enhance Your Job Application with Social Media Activities

Are you applying for new executive opportunities? If so, those organizations are certainly checking you out online. So why not use social media to enhance your candidacy prospects. Here’s how to build a positive, professional online presence to help you stand out, improving your odds of acquiring your desired executive role overseas. Show your personality Company culture is a tremendous component that gets consideration with hiring managers. If multiple candidates with comparable experience and skill sets are brought to their attention, the next segregating factor will be perceived fit within the organization. With social media, you can pre-emptively get in front of hiring personnel and prove that you are a fantastic fit within the organization. You can do this by injecting your style in status updates and even in your LinkedIn summary. Project a professional image What you display in your social profiles provides hiring managers with a

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glimpse into your professionalism. One way to project this is through the use of a professional headshot on your social media profiles. Use a high-quality headshot with a neutral backdrop. If it’s not a neutral background, at least use one that is free of distractions; these distraction can include pets or other people. Wear work-appropriate clothing in this imagery. pro heads Beyond the headshot, you can also project professionalism by just paying attention to the small details. Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spacing. Showcase your communication skills To take on a senior leadership role within any business typically requires excellent communication skills. Use but social media activities as opportunities to provide evidence of your great communication skills. One option to utilize in this endeavour is through writing a blog post on LinkedIn. Creating these posts provides a great way to prove you can write about issues and/or topics related to your career. These posts also double as a great supplement to your personal brand overall. This will assist in positioning yourself as an expert in your industry in the long-term. Show your creativity Employers often seek candidates who can think outside the box. By possessing such creativity, organizations are in a stronger position to innovate and grow. Show off your creative side on social media by displaying a uniquely designed résumé (which can be easily uploaded to your LinkedIn profile), using new technology (such as new social platforms or platform features) or posting witty status updates.

Use social media to showcase your creativity, such as with unique resume templates and designs.

Use social media to showcase your creativity, such as with unique resume templates and designs.

Post great references Businesses love seeing references posted about a candidate. Take advantage of this on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to display recommendations on your profile. So be sure to ask a boss, colleague, or happy client to vouch for you via a posted recommendation. You can make it even easier for them by providing suggestions or key points you believe are worth mentioning. Display awards and accolades In your cover letter or CV, you may have made reference to how you were a top performer or gained recognition for your professional achievements. Providing proof of such recognition on your social media accounts is a great way to solidify these claims, and to curry favour with hiring managers. Snap a photograph of your award to capture a visual affirmation of your success. Then share it for all to see, and embed it in your LinkedIn profile. biz awards Interact with any potential employers Companies with social media business pages want to engage in conversation. And hiring managers show a preference to candidates who have interacted with one of their social media accounts. Check your target company’s website to identify which social networks they are listed on. Once finding these accounts, follow these pages and stay up-to-date with what they are posting; respond to these posts whenever possible. Always be positive and complimentary when interacting with the organization online. Further, go beyond asking questions such as “Did you get my application?” Build a large following Many prospective employers view a large following or subscriber base as a positive attribute to your social media activity. If a great deal of people are following you, then it is very likely that you have something interesting or valuable to say. This can be invaluable to the organization, as thought leadership and community engagement can be advantageous to the company. Build your social following organically by providing information that is valuable to your target audience, such as individuals within your industry niche. Interact with these like-minded professionals online. Keep in mind that growing a following isn’t easy. But, if you succeed at this objective, it can be a fabulous asset to your future prospects. Make sure you’re ready to to take your career to CEO level and succeed. Sign up to the CI Executive Career Management programme and get access to a Career Coach to guide and coach you through your journey to board level. Also don’t forget to keep a lookout for the top roles that become available in emerging markets.

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