Do You Have a Top CEO Social Media Profile?

Do You Have a Top CEO Social Media Profile?

Do you have a top Chief Executive Officer profile? In today’s business environment, being a Chief Executive Officer is more than simply executing the responsibilities of one’s firm; it requires the holders of the position to be the personification of the corporation as a whole, and to reflect its values and personality. This is accomplished in part by the officer’s ability to positively portray their self through social media. The best and brightest Chief Executive Officers possess a shared set of social media traits and profiles. Put in an effort to incorporate some of these traits into your own social media profile, and reap the rewards of your enhanced reputation and business growth.

Is Your Social Media Profile That of a Top CEO?

More active, less passive

Having a social media profile is not enough to fully exploit the benefits of a digital presence. You cannot just slap on your curriculum vitae on LinkedIn and consider yourself set on the matter. Rather, you must be actively engaged online and participate daily through these platforms. A prominent social media presence can only be acquired through the influence you have on the larger audience; this can routinely be measured through the number of followers you have on several networks and the interaction you have with these followers. This sounds like a time-consuming activity, but it does not have to be; all you have to do is devote just ten to twenty minutes a day to this task to be heard and listened to.

Use multiple networks

Use multiple networks

There are more social media platforms to choose from than you can imagine. While it is not feasible to be on them all, it is helpful to choose more than one to be heard on. A majority of the most influential Chief Executive Officers are at least on Twitter and LinkedIn. Others like Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, use Tumblr and other blogs to their advantage. Select two or three social media outlets that you are most comfortable with and fully engage with each one.

Share your knowledge and philosophies

Share Your Knowledge and Philosophies.

Idle chatter will not let you stand out from the pack. Sharing your ideals and business concepts however can make people take notice. Reflect on how Arianna Huffington and Elon Musk have used social media. Huffington regularly uses social media to share advice on how individuals can live happier by balancing work with personal pursuits. Musk uses Twitter to spread his vision of “going green,” and how science can push the limits of what mankind can accomplish. Share your own philosophies and ideas, whether they are tailored to your own professional discipline or lifestyle. These measures can establish you as a thought leader and an expert in one’s field, which can only improve one’s business standing and reputation.

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Use video to personalize your presence

There’s only one you. Using video blogs and other visual forms of communication online is a great way to personalize your social media presence and stand out from other users. This form of communication can be very useful for the charismatic and well-spoken executive. It makes the social media process more similar to the person-to-person communication executive officers regularly use in their day-to-day operations. Further, it puts a more personal touch to what you are trying to communicate, which can be more influential than the message itself.

Use Video to Personalize Your Presence.

Social media is becoming more and more influential with every passing day. It is not just a Western business attribute; CEOs from Asia, the Near East, and Latin America are capitalizing on its power as well. Don’t be the executive who does not keep up with the times and gets left behind in yesteryear. Treat your social media profile like you would any business project and fulfill it with your best efforts.


It’s important to ensure that you’re utilising social media effectively and projecting yourself yourself to like-minded individuals as a professional with a well optimised (online) professional image. Take advantage of your social media by following the above steps today.

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