Do Headhunters See You As An Expert In Your Industry Niche? [Part 2]

Do Headhunters See You As An Expert In Your Industry Niche? [Part 2]

Linkedin and Twitter: Two Peas in a Recruiter’s Pod Although the two platforms may seem very different in appearance, they both share some fundamental similarities in their features and a set of amendments can be made to each profile to assure people see you as an expert within your industry. To be headhunted, first you need to be seen. Here’s a few things to consider to ensure you have a strong presence. Connections and Followers On Twitter: we want to ensure you have a high follower rate, preferably a number higher to that of the number of people you are following. Our benchmark is essentially to reach the hundreds if not thousands. This shows that people are interested in the content you are producing. Similarly on Linkedin: Our benchmark is 500, as if you have 501 connections or 5,000, it would simply show on your profile as 500+. Enough to signify that you are well connected. Groups and Pages By default we display which groups we are a part of on Linkedin, likewise with Twitter the pages we follow are visible to the public.

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We want to ensure that whatever is visible is reputable. Joining the groups with the most members often ensures higher levels of engagement and more content being produced, again this is similar with Twitter as more people will be communicating directly with a page which is either verified or appears to be validated by the amount of followers it has. Key words Search engine algorithms are programmed to ensure as much relevant information as detected. This means that key-words are pinnacle to ensuring you appear higher up within the search results. For example on Linkedin the more times a particular word appears on your profile the higher up you will appear in the search results when somebody searches for the corresponding word. For example if somebody searches the word ‘Business’ which is highly repeated on your profile (inclusive of groups and other connections) then chances are you will rank higher than somebody who has the word appearing less times. This doesn’t mean you should bombard you profile with a set of keywords over and over, but you should definitely place key words where possible, without overdoing it. As this is directly corresponding with the groups you’re involved in and the people you are connected with, this magnifies the importance of what is visible to others. Be proactive, tactical and fearless. Considering all of the points mentioned above, the best way to execute these suggestions is to have a strategic plan set in place. For example; rather than joining (and posting) in 10 Groups immediately, take your time and do one group every few days. Consistency is key. Ultimately this would keep your online presence at a steady level, rather than having random intervals of high activity, which could be easily overlooked. In terms of making new connections and gaining new followers, you should not limit yourself to how many people you connect with on a daily basis, keep in mind that not everybody will be able to present you with opportunities, but having said that you never know which contact could put you in direct connection with somebody who can! My advice, connect with 5 – 10 new people everyday.

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