Do Headhunters See You As An Expert In Your Industry Niche? [Part 1]

Do Headhunters See You As An Expert In Your Industry Niche? [Part 1]

The question one often asks themselves when looking for a new position:

“How am I perceived by others?”

More importantly, “Are the right people seeing me in the right light?”

If you haven’t thought about this, you most certainly should – and be ready to take action!

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Typically when applying for Jobs you would submit your CV and send off a correlating cover letter to the recruiter directly, whether it be through a job portal website or if you’ve been given a direct contact. But that is it. It is a limiting factor, considering all the recruiter has is series of words, and no personal, memorable insight.


Looking at things from a Headhunter’s perspective

Now let’s consider, for a moment, that you are a headhunter or recruiter. Understandably everybody has individual differences but have a look at your connections’ profiles and take note on what you like about each person, based on what you can see. Something which projects the individual as a memorable professional – Take a look at the following:

  • Profile Image
  • Title
  • Biography/Summary
  • Background Information
  • The people they’re connected to
  • The Groups they’ve joined
  • The content they post

If you like the idea: Attempt to reproduce it and make it relevant to yourself and your industry. There’s no harm in adapting ideas to suit you.

If you were a headhunter or recruiter with a position available, which candidate are you going to think of?

Somebody who is diluted in a pile of CVs who you can’t put a face to?

Or somebody who appears knowledgeable and just right for the job?

Now the effect we’re trying to create here is one which grabs the attention from the right people, without having to directly reach out.

How can we achieve this?

Posting content is the best way to stay relevant, by appearing on people’s home pages often. That way people don’t have a choice but to see you and your content. Even if it’s sharing somebody else post on Linkedin or Retweeting some content on Twitter, the aim is to keep ‘popping up’ without overdoing it and becoming annoying. We want to be remembered for the right reasons, so maintaining a balance is important.

Be sure to check in next week for part 2, where we can continue to help you further your developments and get you recognised by the right people!


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