Speed Up Your Job Hunt & Convert Profile Views Into Conversations

Speed Up Your Job Hunt & Convert Profile Views Into Conversations

The quickest way to generate calls with interested recruiters is to convert your LinkedIn profile views into real conversations about your future. With over 90% of headhunters and recruiters utilising social media in the recruitment process, it has become widely publicised that the leader of these recruitment networks is LinkedIn. However, it can be a difficult tool to understand. The complex algorithms they use to rank you within searches, relevance of sharing updates and participating within group discussions and importance of news channels, influencers and publishers to the strength of your profile, the correlation between profile views and headhunters should be straightforward right? Unfortunately it is not the case. Profile Views More often than not, you will have a lot more views from headhunters and recruiters (or ‘anonymous’ views) without any response. So what do you do? Regularly people will send them a message saying they are looking for a job asking if they can help. This is the worst possible move. Just like executive recruitment consultant said, you need to approach the job market like dating. As soon as you look desperate it is all over. You need to look attractive to them. But how do you do that? Granted, this is a lot easier said than done. But here are a few tips to help you remain relevant and ‘attractive’ to a prospective headhunter.

  1. Connect With Them, And Include A Personal Note.

If you aren’t already connected with them, why not send them a connection request. Them viewing your profile I would say warrant enough corroboration to send them a connection request. However, don’t just send the automated “I’d like to add you to my network” message, personalise it. You would be surprised how a little effort here can help distinguish you from the thousands of other connection requests they receive. What you want to say is up to you, but DO NOT talk about a job. It’s not the time or place yet. Want to know what to say in your message? Check out our webinar below that discusses the best way to approach headhunters with Isabelita Castilho.

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  1. View their Profile

Profile ViewsWhy not return the favour and view their profile. Not only will this show up that you have seen their profile but allow you to conduct some brief research on them. Where did they go to school? Did you study a similar subject? Maybe you have similar interests. These are all advantageous further down the line for when you eventually speak to them. It can even be worthwhile to include such things you your message to them!

  1. Endorse Them

Being active on LinkedIn are indications that you may be looking for a job so actions such as endorsing people can be friendly reminders to recruiters of headhunters that you are still around. Be candid. Don’t endorse them for every skill. You may ask, how can I endorse someone for something I don’t know if they have? Well if they have executive search on their profile, you could most likely endorse them for that based upon the fact they have been viewing your profile/you have spoken to them. I would only choose one or two at most. That way, you leave room to endorse them further down the line if you need to give them another friendly reminder.

  1. Be active with updates and group discussions

Your main asset as a jobseeker is your knowledge of industry. You can demonstrate your knowledge through your updates, posts within group discussions and articles. Once connected with a headhunter or recruiter they will have the ability to view all of these posts within their own home page, so anything that captures their attention is valuable. Be aware you don’t overkill. Only do it when you have truly valuable content to add. If you are posting too much you will actually have the opposite effect and cause them to switch off. You have to remember that these recruiters are inundated with requests every day from job seekers. The trick is to try provide value and continue to remain attractive, not desperate (no matter how desperate you may


  If you have tried the above techniques, spaced out over a couple of weeks, then maybe it is time to message the recruiter directly. It is an art and would be an entire blog post in itself. However, if you would like personal advice from recruitment and executive headhunting specialist on how best to approach someone with a message on LinkedIn, upload your CV and we’ll be in touch to discuss your primary concerns.

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