What UAE Company Should You Work For?

What UAE Company Should You Work For?

When looking for a new job, one must not only consider the job title, but the company as well. Solely searching via job title and position can be a harmful tactic; rather seeking out different types of roles – lower or higher – at exceptional organisations should be considered as well. Greater opportunities, career options, work-life balance and work satisfaction are just some of the benefits one can inherit when working for a supreme organisation.

How do you know what are the best companies to work for?

The leading company analysing this, Great Place To Work say a great place to work for employees is one where they can trust who they work for, have pride in the organisation and enjoy the people they work with. In terms of great places to work in for managers, greatness is measured by how well they achieve organisational objectives, how often employees give their best and how well everyone within a team can work together.

Best Companies in the UAE

Last year they released the best companies to work for in the UAE for 2014 with prominent multinationals such as Fedex, Microsoft, DHL and Marriott and also smaller national identifies such as Dulsco, Bayt and SCA featuring in the top 10. This year, DHL tops the list, much of its success coming down to their hiring policy that only hires those who are closely associated with companies values. According to GPTW, “Every aspect of the employee life cycle at DHL, from recruitment to retirement, is closely aligned with the company’s core values, its business objectives and mission of inspiring people to give their best – both in and out of the office.”


The complete top 10 companies to work for in 2015 are:

1. DHL

2. Ericsson

Also ranked in the top 10 of Asia’s best companies to work for, their hiring process ensures succession is as smooth and seamless as possible. Thanks to a competency based system that helps narrowly define what is needed for each role, its fair to say, if you want a position at Ericsson, it would pay to see if you can identify these competencies and put them on your CV!

3. Omnicom Media Group (OMG)

A feature in last years top 10, OMG continues to provide its employees with an advantageous work-life balance, offering open forums for employees to voice their concerns about anything in the working environment. Their dedication and commitment for its senior leaders are second to none, which can mean a great place to seek work if you are an unemployed senior manager looking to move higher up the hierarchy.

4. THE One

THE One had the most favourable results in terms of CEO interaction and its employees. THE One provided a social mission its employees buy into, helping motivate and inspire them whilst working. THE One not only engage with its employees but those underprivileged around the world with a sustainable village community and partnerships with non-profits in less than fortunate parts of the globe.

5. Marriott

Another repeat from last years list, its induction program “in the beginning” is the benchmark for hospitality onboarding processes in the region. The ability for its employees to work at a hotel anywhere around the world helps inspire its employees and advance their career and life-skills.

6. Estee Lauder

In a world where almost everything has gone digital, Estee Lauder adds a personal touch to their recruitment process, sending a welcome card to every new employee before they begin their first day. A think tank called “dream space” encourages employees to share innovative ideas with the company allows everyone to feel like they are being heard and contributing during their time with the company.

7. Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick’s new offices in the UAE offer a uniquely personal touch to them, with the interior design conducted by most of its employees; all of them getting a say in the type of pictures, plants, even the size of the desks at which they sat at! It is simply their way to engage.

8. Hyatt

A Joining gift and buddy system is what you can expect if working at this global hospitality chain and their way of stressing the importance of its company culture. Week-long events in the year enable its employees to refresh and re-energise with activities such as Zumba, workshops (fun ones like photography!) treasure hunts, ice skating and more!

9. Leminar

A culturally sensitive organisation, it celebrates events such as Women’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness and Ramadan; it caters for the diverse cultures found within the UAE. A family friendly environment that encourages a proper work-life balance with days where children come into the office, Leminar makes a point of going out of their way to cater for the needs of their employees according to GPTW.

10. FunCity

FunCity drives and creates enthusiasm, just as its name suggests. Spark, an initiative created by the company is their own hiring process targets the competencies in people they would like to hire, ensuring the. Want to know what they stand for? Spontaneity, Passion, Attention, Results and Kindness.

With only three companies in last years top 10 featuring in this years top 10, DHL, OMG and Marriott it just goes to show the evolving workplace and necessity to create an environment for its employees to thrive in. Want to work for one of these companies? Then upload your CV for an appraisal to see how likely your CV will be matched to such company advertisements.

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