CI Confidential – An Executive Video Networking Platform

CI Confidential – An Executive Video Networking Platform

Imagine, utilising a singular platform equipped with the networking capabilities of LinkedIn, the voice and video functionalities of Skype, your own professional rolodex, calendar and appointment booking system with direct access to some of the top Social Media experts, CV development specialists, Executive Career coaches, Mentors and Public Speakers… All online, without the need of any additional software…

Welcome to the CI Confidential Video Networking Platform!

What is it? CI Confidential is an exclusive invite only video-networking platform that enables Senior Executives to communicate with Executive Recruiters, Headhunters and search consultants alike, as well as our team of Client Relationship Managers, Social Media Executives, CV Developers, Executive Coaches and Mentors, and so on.

CI Confidential

The CI Confidential platform.

  Why CI Confidential? Visual Recognition – With job market becoming extremely competitive the need to stand out and be remembered has become a necessity. Traditional methods suggest picking up the phone, however at CI Confidential, you can apply for positions using generic viagra the video application tool. This will ensure you a never just a piece of paper in a pile, rather a recognisable face and voice, literally standing out from other applicants. Anonymity – The job search process can be very sensitive. CI Confidential offers complete anonymity to the buy viagra online user, offering a secure platform that no one has access to unless you invite them personally. This ensures your job search can remain discreet without anyone else knowing. [field name=iframe]

Find out more about the CI Confidential video networking platform by visiting the CI Confidential website, by clicking on the link below. Visit CI Confidential to find out more!

  What CI-Confidential offers:

An executive video networking platform.

An executive video networking platform.

How can it assist your Job Search?

  Due to the Google-backed technology that we utilise you’ll need to use Google’s Chrome browser in order to access the CI Confidential platform, but if you don’t have it already installed then fear not, it’s very easy to set-up. Simply follow this link to follow the step-by-step instructions:  

Request your invite to CI Confidential and start video networking with recruiters and headhunters alike, by clicking on the link below. Sign Up to CI Confidential Now!

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