CEO Transition – How to Succeed in Your New Role

CEO Transition – How to Succeed in Your New Role

Being a CEO is a dream come true. It is the culmination of years of hard work, determination, business savvy, and personal sacrifice. However, achieving these exalted status is not quite the same as being a successful CEO. Making the transition to CEO is a wonderful and fulfilling process, but it can be a very stressful and anxiety producing process as well.

4 tips on how you, as a newly promoted CEO, can make a positive impact in your new position

Succeeding in your new role is critically important for you as well as for your work colleagues. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed with the stressors of your new environment. Keep these few simple tips in mind and excel in your new position.

Keep it real

Keep it real

Even if you are not inclined towards cockiness or if you do not have a large ego, keep in mind that your new position could seem threatening to your staff. Although you can by no means be held responsible for every single thought co-workers have about you, it is important that you enter your new position with grace and humility. Do not be afraid to show your co-workers that you are still the same person you were before being promoted. It is vital that you engage with all of your business companions, whether they are working in senior or junior positions. Be sure to make time to speak to those around you. Enquiring after a co-worker’s family – or sincerely asking them how they are doing – goes a very long way.

Know who your friends are and keep them

You do not need to try and leap into your new role as CEO alone. If you had certain social alliances around the office or work place, try and continue these relationships as much as possible. You may be tempted to spend much more time with more senior-ranking personnel now that you too are in a higher position. But it is immensely beneficial to keep in mind that all social relations in the workplace can be of the highest value to you. What your deputies say about you affects your position at work directly.

Keep close contact with your usual work friends and rely on them for support in your new role. You never know when your friends might be in a greater position alongside you.

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Be as firm as you need to be

Being friendly and personable around the office is not the same as allowing people to use you as a doormat. Some staff might take a while to acclimate to the fact that you have become more senior than they are. This is especially true if you spent quite some time around the workplace before being promoted. Be gentle but firm when navigating your new role in the office.

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Quiet dignity goes quite a long way when it comes to successfully managing your team. Think of yourself as a leader and make sure that you project that image. Carry your voice, speak clearly and concisely and be sure that you always speak with conviction and confidence.

Be as firm as you need to be

Always allow room for your co-workers

At the same time, you need to show your co-workers that you still value and respect their ideas and that you will continue to respect them as integral to your company. If you do not succeed in making your co-workers feel respected, they will not respect you.

A simple way to show your co-workers, whether they are appointed in more senior roles or more junior roles, is to launch projects which directly relies on their input. You could try opinion polls or simply brainstorming as a team.

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