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Manage your hectic lifestyle more effectively with the must-have gadgets we discovered this week. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. While executives are not necessarily royalty, they are certainly a busy and overburdened bunch; operating a thriving business is very reminiscent to ruling a fiefdom. Luckily, technology can provide some remedy to manage these hectic lifestyles. Check out some of these new gadgets and introduce them into your repertoire; the executive work day will become that much more enjoyable. Leap Motion Control Device Sitting at a desk on a computer can be agony on one’s body; man was not built to live in poor posture in front of a screen. If you’re looking for a way to manipulate your computer via natural movements, look no farther than the Leap Motion Control Device. The device is a sleek, compressed motion sensor which sits on your desk in front of your monitor. The sensor creates a three-dimensional interaction space of eight cubic feet; it is two hundred times more accurate than anything else found on the market. The interface allows users to engage in manners such as signing PDFs in midair with an actual pencil. Aviiq Ready Clips Charging cables are banes to many business travelers. The wires become a coiled mess that adds more frustration than one already needs. However, Aviiq Ready Clips can straighten out this issue for you. Ready Clips are pen-sized cords taking viagra at 21 with a built-in clip that holds the wires securely in place. As seen in the picture, it features a flat, tangle-free cord, a standard USB plug on one end, and the choice of mini USB, micro USB, or Apple 30-pin connectors on the other. This ensures that there’s one to work with your device of choice. JuiceTank One of the biggest problems with iPhone battery cases is attempting to find the tiny recharging cable after the battery has run its course; and as all iPhone know, this is frequently. However, the aptly-named JuiceTank can make this issue fade away. Instead of cramming a battery onto the back of an iPhone case, the JuiceTank features fold-out prongs, enabling it to act as an always-available charger for your phone. No batteries required. Executives frequently have more than business manners to attend to. Families, holidays, and health concerns are just as much of a burden. Luckily, instruments are available to assist in cialis discount tackling these dealings as well. SMS Tracking by VIPsha When it comes to parenting, children’s safety is always one of the primary concerns. This is true no matter the age of the children. If you feel the need to oversee to whom your kids are sending messages to, SMS Tracking by VIPsha will be of great use. This application doesn’t imply that you don’t have faith in your children; rather, it just means that you want to monitor whom they are sending messages to. The tracking system is also handy if you are also aiming to better manage phone bills by staying within contract plan agreements. The application accumulated both incoming and outgoing messages. Best of all, the app doesn’t have an icon; this means that nobody can easily uninstall the application. It is a free app you can download to any Android device. DOOLAB’S Christmas Gifts Manager December is already upon us. And for many individuals, that means the Christmas gift frenzy that comes with it. Luckily, this year may be a little easier with where is viagra sold over the counter the Christmas Gifts Manager. The app allows you to easily conduct and list all your Christmas gifts. The app allows users to make a list of persons that you’ll be giving gifts to this Christmas. how does viagra look Further, the app also computes the total expenses for the gifts. Though ads appear at the top of the app’s interface, you can download and use the app without spending a single dollar. It is available for free from the Google Play Store. Basis Health Monitor Keeping track of your health while working long hours can become taxing. The viagra vs alcool Basis Health Monitor makes the task just a bit easier. The monitor takes the form of a watch, so you don’t look bizarre wearing it around the office. The monitor incorporates a galvanic skin response sensor to track your sweatiness as well as an optical sensor to track blood flow. It is an incredible tool to provide an accurate portrayal of your health.  

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