The Career Intelligence ‘Essential Relocation Information’ Guide

The Career Intelligence ‘Essential Relocation Information’ Guide

The ‘Essential Relocation Information’ Guide

The Career Intelligence ‘Essential Relocation Information’ guide features the top 6 financial centres, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. The purpose of this guide is to provide readers with an impartial take on each city and give information that about living costs, culture, conditions of employment, factors affecting families and more. The Career Intelligence 'Essential Relocation Information' guide. As a senior executive expatriate moving abroad, there are many decisions to be made which affect both the business and personal life of the individual and their family. In the past, many of these issues were only discovered when a new position was accepted and the individual (and their family) relocated, but we wanted to provide our readers with an informative guide to aid in the early stages of the decision decision making process.

What Factors Affect An Expat’s Relocation Abroad?

There are many factors that affect the relocation of a senior executive expatriate abroad, such as the increase in the cost of living, expat policies, medical/health care, conditions of employment and even schooling. These factors depend of course on the individual’s situation – whether they’re single, have

a partner or married with young children – so every situation is different. Every country has a different system in place to deal with expatriates relocating in their cities, some more ‘expat friendly’ than others, and some companies have expat and relocation packages available for their senior executives, so it

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is important to keep this in mind when deciding upon a new position and location. Whilst EU residents (who have been residents since 30th April 2004) can move to the likes of Frankfurt without the need of a work permit, moving to locations such as Singapore would require an individual to fit into one of their ‘admission schemes’ and an employment visa is usually granted on an initial one year basis.

What Can I Learn From This Guide?

This guide provides key information for expatriates from anywhere in the world moving or looking to move to one of the 6 featured locations.

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Not only does it provide an overview of the topics mentioned above (plus topics such as business culture, public services and transport, visas and prices of goods/services), but it also looks at the ‘tax input details – gross to net’ which will allow one to better understand how a countries taxing (for expatriates) works. Tax Input - The 'Essential Relocation Information' guide by Career Intelligence.

How Can I Download This Guide?

You can download this guide by clicking the button below. This will take you to an application on our Facebook page which requires you to ‘Like‘ the page and then gives you the option to ‘Share‘ the guide with your Facebook friends. Once this is complete you can then download the PDF guide. If you have any issues, be sure to comment below or contact us direct here (LINK) and we will endeavour to help you within a couple of working days. Click the button below to download the Career Intelligence ‘Essential Relocation Information’ guide.

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