How You Can Prevent Losing Out On An Executive Position To A Millennial

How You Can Prevent Losing Out On An Executive Position To A Millennial

The Millennials are coming! Not only are they coming, but they are posing significant competition for Baby Boomers hoping to re-engage with the job market. And with the constant technological evolution to industry, these millennials appear to have an edge. However, Baby Boomers should not despair. Follow the advice below and Baby Boomers can continue to keep the upper-hand over their millennial competition in the pursuit of execution positions.

10 Must Do’s When Setting Up Your BlogUse personal websites

Younger job-hunters sometimes place far too much emphasis on their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.  Sure, these social networks are valuable tools in which you should have a presence. But what happens if these social media suddenly go the way of MySpace? Your professional presence would be completely gone.

The best way to ensure and to control your online presence is to utilize a personal website along with your social media profiles. A personal website holds an advantage because you own it, meaning that it would be going anywhere due to external factors. Personal websites also tend to rank high in Google-search results; this makes personal websites an ideal archive for resumes, portfolios and blog posts.

Does the prospect of creating a personal website sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Baby boomers have plenty of easy-to-use website creation platforms to build theirs from. One of the largest and easiest to use is WordPress.

Network offline

One of the surest ways that Baby Boomers can get the better of Millennials in the executive job-hunt can’t happen behind a computer screen. It’s done in person!

More than twice as many Baby Boomers are doing any sort of offline networking to find executive positions compared to their millennial brethren.If everyone’s focused on one thing, such as job boards and company websites, then you really should try another approach to stand out.

Networking offline is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate your executive job hunting success.Knowing who and where to turn to for help can be all the difference between acquiring your ideal executive position and not even knowing it was an opportunity at all.  Especially in the Gulf States, person-to-person networking is king. No matter what your area of expertise may be, you are likely to bump into someone who moves in the same circles and that can offer you a professional opportunity. This is especially true in the expatriate community.

Business menShow cultural awareness

The Arab world does not value all of the same principles the West does. Therefore, be sure to cater to these differences and reconstruct your pitches and dialogue with job-related discussions. Whereas directness is valued in Europe- and by millennials in particular- it is not similarly appreciated in the Gulf States. When networking and interviewing for executive roles in this region, take the time to get to know your contact and/or hiring managers. Learn what their overall ambitions are and the skills they are looking for. This may be time-consuming compared to efforts elsewhere in the world, but it is a prerequisite for success.

Similarly, no matter what, be sure to display your thanks and appreciation for the time and consideration provided to you. Such displays are critical to signify the respect you have for the person, and the dynamics of relationships. These little gestures can be all the difference between obtaining the position or not.

Never Stop Trying

No matter how many refusals you receive or how few interviews you may be getting, it is important to try to keep your spirits high. Bear in mind that finding work in the Gulf is a long and complex process. Be prepared for the long haul, whereas younger applicants may become impatient and sloppy. Remember that the end will justify the patience and hard work involved in the process.

Let’s face it, as an older job executive it can be more difficult to secure a position. Gain further assistance on your job strategy from one of our relationship managers by simply uploading your CV below.

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