C-Level Industries at the Forefront in 2014

C-Level Industries at the Forefront in 2014

The dawn of a new year does not come without new potential and opportunities throughout industry. Up-and-coming organisations and business sectors will be in the highest demand for new talent to fill executive roles. Below is a list for those aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, and which industries will provide the most viable opportunities to ascend to C-level in 2014. Technical consulting services The technology boom is still at full speed. Technical consulting firms provide expert staff in a particular area of science or engineering. These consulting firms employ engineers, scientists, skilled technicians, as well as scientific project managers. With the significant growth expected within this sector, it should be anticipated that competition will arise to acquire the most able candidates to fulfill key roles such as Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Electrification Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Science Officer, and other industry-specific offices. Environmental Consulting While the green movement has not surpassed the likes of the traditional industries, such as petroleum in the energy sector, gains are certainly being made. Industry research firm IBISWorld projects that there will be close to an eight percent growth in environmental consulting alone. Expect this growth to coincide with demand at the corporate level as well. In particular, look towards environmentally conscious construction firms for significant opportunities. Chief Construction Officers and Chief Engineering Officers will likely be hot openings. And considering the idealistic nature of the green movement in general, one may even find opportunities for advisory roles such as a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO). A CVO is expected to have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the business of the organisation, as well as the vision required to steer its course into the future. Voice over Internet Protocol Providers This communication’s subsector is of particular interest entering 2014. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. IBISWorld anticipates an annualized growth of 15.3 percent in 2014 for VoIP. Technology-based positions within corporate hierarchies will be of particular interest to prospective C-level candidates. Specialised Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Several key elements have come together in recent years to create fantastic opportunities within the health industry. Within the American market in particular, the Baby Boomer generation is getting old. With age comes the increased likelihood of physical issues. For instance, many of these individuals are losing their hearing ability. A market has been significantly expanded to cater to these issues and to provide products to aid in an older person’s quality of life. Companies are entering, or expanding services, in the market to develop newer and better hearing aid devices. Start Your Search Get ahead and start your job search today.

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