Business Trends In The Middle East 2015

Business Trends In The Middle East 2015

Insight into what you need to improve upon as a candidate, keeping up to date with the current trends impacting business is fundamental to a successful job application. 2015 has seen a huge decline in oil prices that have squeezed many companies budgets, causing restructuring and downsizing to some and greater investment for others. Gender equality remains a hot topic in the region with the UN continuing its education and a greater amount of family owned companies are expanding its horizons and offering non-family executive positions among some of the oldest businesses in the Gulf. Lets take a look at some of the other challenges businesses in the Gulf are facing in the coming months.

Learning And Development

According to many of the current executive office Learning and Development is the biggest challenge organisations are facing currently. Under sourced, many feel there is not enough tools in place to ensure adequate learning and development implementation, particularly as we begin a different phase and handover from baby boomers to millennia’s. Many executives feel the current graduates are coming out of University without the necessary tools required for them to succeed in the current workplace.

Human Resources Redesign

Business leaders have indicated a need to redesign the current HR processes and align and partner it closer to the business. This is due to an apparent less than satisfactory performance during the previous year, maybe something to do with the performance since the oil price crunch.


As it has been for the past few years, leadership remains a factor many HR directors see as a challenge to organisational growth. Middle Management sees the biggest deficiency in leadership requirements, with not enough programs in place to develop leaders within an organisation and only 28% of respondents indicating their organisation is not prepared to further develop their leaders, better equip them, engage employees and drive innovation. A leadership gap is being created, testing HR department’s innovativeness on how they plan to bridge this gap and retain their top talent.

Employee Engagement & Organisational Culture

Talent diversity in the Gulf is likely to be the main factor contributing to this problem with many organisations lacking the readiness according to bqdoha, 73% stating they are either ‘not ready’ or ‘somewhat ready.’ An important issue to remember in a multicultural environment, this could be one of the most challenging aspects to a foreign executive working in this region. Aside from the above organisational implications above, there also exists some basic trends in the current middle eastern landscape:

Technology Education

Growing a tech-savvy workforce will be paramount when wanting to meet the increasing demand of a dynamic business and labour market. With most of an employees basic workday requirements and tasks being handled via computers of other technological devices, it becomes an essential tool in a skilled employees arsenal.

Mobility and Growth Transparency

Addressing the reasons why people stay and go will be essential to retaining your company’s top talent. Setting a clear framework for growth and paths for both expatriate and national workers will be important.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship Talent

Preparing your younger workforce by training them to be creative problem solvers will provide your company opportunities to nurture them into future leaders.

Gender Equality

As mentioned earlier, creating a framework and program for females to succeed will be essential for

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the 21st century organisation both in terms of short- and long-term success and development.

Training Young Employees Skill Base

Many HR Directors see current graduates skills not adequate for the current labour market. Be prepared to build this base and ready to implement appropriate programs to give them the necessary resources to succeed. Be ready to move into the executive office by thinking of solutions to such problems. Do you have answers to all of the problems but not receiving calls for interviews? Upload your CV below and receive a free CV appraisal with one of our senior relationship managers so they can distinguish what aspect of your job search needs improving.

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