Blogging – 5 Ways To Promote Yourself As A Thought Leader Pt. 2

Blogging – 5 Ways To Promote Yourself As A Thought Leader Pt. 2

In this article, the second part of the two-part article (the first can be read here) we will look at the final 5 must-do-strategies to help your blog gain the maximum number of visitors and readers as you are beginning to post your first article.

1. Incorporate Relatable and Interesting Titles

Using a title that can be:

• Read quickly
• Use relevant keywords
• Outline the articles content

Is the best way to draw attention to your blog and help it get found more easily within search engine results.

Also, due to the power of twitter and the retweet function, if your title incorporates these 3 attributes, the chances of it getting retweeted, without it being read is high. (lets be honest, every one of you have retweeted a link without actually reading the entire article at least once in your life). Now you think this may be a bad thing, but the more retweets the better, as it will help your blog reach to a broader network of readers.

2. Make Your Blog Easy to Read

Reading blogs is different to books.

Blog writing must be short, sharp and to the point.

Short. Sharp. To-the-point. Long articulate paragraphs don’t work on the internet – much to the disgust of your 6th form English teacher. People simply just don’t have the time. They scan articles before they read it.

The use of subtitles, bullet points and pictures enable your article to be more attractive to the reader at first glance. Here is an analogy – think of a dog sniffing their food, before they actually eat it – If at first glance your blog can draw attention, it will help your blog be read.

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3. Add Pictures

Pictures speak louder than words. With the readers now scanning blogs, the use of pictures (and the captions below) are not only an important way to stimulate your audience visually, but it is also a great way to outline what the article is about.

Use images!

Use images!

CAUTION! Be sure not to violate copyright rules. You can avoid that is by using image galleries such as Wikicommons.

4. Post Your Blog in the Morning

70% of blog readers say they read blogs in the morning.

So… post your blog in the morning!

Post your blog in the morning!

Post your blog in the morning!

Aside from sharing it on your social media, posting your blog in the morning (best time is 11am) gives it a greater chance of receiving higher viewership.

5. Interact With Your Audience

A blog is a great way to build your professional credibility, but you want to be known for your name, not an article.
Include an about me section, allowing readers to acquaint themselves with the mastermind behind the content they have been inspired by.

Respond to all comments, negative and positive! It’s a great way to build your network and let readers know you are active and passionate. If you do this, your blog will actually give you greater credibility when talking about contentious issues that arise in the future.

Continue your interaction outside of your blog also, responding to comments on all other social medias.

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