3 Routes to an Executive Job in Singapore

3 Routes to an Executive Job in Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has lured countless expatriates to work and live in the Little Red Dot. Being one of the top expat destinations, this also means that it tends to be more competitive to find work. It requires more planning, know-how and insight to land your dream job. So what are the best practices to find work in Singapore? Check out the intel below and see for yourself what you should be considering to find work in Singapore.

Most likely positions

It is prudent to understand what sort of positions are readily available in Singapore. Fortunately for expats, opportunities can generally be found across all industries. As a vital economic hub in Southeast Asia, opportunities can be found in a diverse assortment of fields, including: health care, finance, petrochemicals, logistics, casinos and gaming, etc. If you have the skills and experience, there is likely a position in your discipline to find! The experience of many expatriates, however, is that applying for jobs with local businesses and government organizations is generally a waste of time and effort. The best opportunities for expatriates come from multinational corporations (MNCs) and their branch offices. Thankfully, there are many of these organizations in Singapore; these include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, The Maersk Group, Dell and certainly many of the world’s major banks and financial institutions- such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. Focus on these type of organizations; if you are already employed by such a firm, look into transfer opportunities as well, rather than simply finding a new role.

Where to look for positions


Some say LinkedIn is just a place to keep your resume online for others to see. Others however have realized that there are very useful ways of marketing your professional brand on LinkedIn. Especially in your Singapore job hunt, LinkedIn can be a conduit where you can use the different applications to your personal and professional advantage. One way to use LinkedIn is to use the network’s search function, Company Search. In Company Search you can narrow results by location, industry, size and whether they’re currently hiring via LinkedIn. If you find a relevant company, you can follow it for updates and new job vacancies. Recruiters use social media like LinkedIn more than emails. Research even suggests that they probably click on the LinkedIn site nearly 100 times per day. By just being active on such networks, you’ll be able to be found by recruiters. Make sure you use the right keywords on your profile and to have an active presence within groups and events. By doing so, you’ll be targeted very quickly by the people who can assist you in finding a role in Singapore.

The Straits Times

The Straits Times is the leading English newspaper in Singapore. Every weekend, the paper publishes a supplement containing a section called ¨Classified Jobs¨. This supplement contains a wide variety of job opportunities in Singapore. The online equivalent can be found here. Be aware, however, that a subscription is necessary to view the classifieds. However, if you are truly trying to land your dream job in this destination, then this small expense could be a huge asset in your search.

Networking events/conferences

Networking is a fundamental component of a successful job hunt. Getting interpersonal connections and

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opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and personality can put you over the top when trying to build fruitful professional relationships. Don’t miss out on these critical networking events. Considering traveling to Singapore, or other locales which will feature Singapore-based opportunities, to physically engage with members of prospective employers. For instance, the ADVOC Maritime Conference, hosted at the Singapore Cricket Club, is an excellent event for those involved in maritime shipping and logistics. For those involved in the fields of engineering and construction, the Structural Engineers World Congress (SEWC) – hosted at the Raffles City Convention Centre- is another marque networking event. With a little bit of research, you can find similar events in every field and occupation that can move you closer to your career aspirations. If you ever need further assistance with your executive job search, upload your CV below and one of our senior relationship managers will get in touch to answer any questions and optimise your job hunt strategy.

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