The C-level Headhunting Secret: How Some Execs Keep on Being Headhunted

The C-level Headhunting Secret: How Some Execs Keep on Being Headhunted

Applying for new jobs can be hard work. It takes time, effort and endless messages and emails that go unread, or without reply. It is a full-time job in itself.

If you are a senior executive you need to turn this problem on its head and start the process of attracting interest from headhunters and employers who are looking for people with your area of expertise.

Luckily there is a simple solution that works!

A Blog.

A blog is an advantageous resource of information, it is a great way to demonstrate your expertise – even if you are out of work. After all, unemployment is merely a tag that is irrelevant to your knowledge about an industry.

Its purpose extends to beyond job seeking, offering advantages for consultants and companies as well.

What are the top reasons a blog is useful for job seekers and how can it assist them – and other professionals alike – in finding future employment?


Shows You Remain Proactive About Your Industry

A blog is one way to remain active within the industry. It shows you are being proactive in your job search, keeping up with the latest news and trends in your industry, despite being out of “official employment.” This is important as it can be one of the hiring managers’ primary concerns when looking to employ someone who has been out of work. It can give the hiring manager the confidence you are the right candidate for the position.

Offers the Ability to Suggest Innovative Solutions

The best way a blog can land you a job is by combining your knowledge of current affairs affecting your industry and proposing innovative solutions about them. It is this innovation and foresight that hiring managers look for in candidates. People who are looking to find solutions to change the indsutry landscape are things you only get the opportunity to discuss in an interview. Do this through your blog, and it could land you your next job interview.

Increases the Likelihood Of Employers Finding You 

“94% of recruiters now use social media to hire candidates”

With so many recruiters using social media to source candidates, a blog can increase the chances of being found.

Post your blog for colleagues to share. Rely on organic shares from other people in your network to spread your gospel or post it in relevant group discussions.

I have had seen numerous instances where clients have received phone calls and interviews directly off the back of one of their blog articles. Sure, it may not happen every time, but if the content is strong enough, it has every chance.

Helps Establish and Build Your Expertise

A blog will help you build your online image and brand and develop your expertise and influence. By developing a library of articles on key processes and techniques applicable to a particular position or industry, it offers hiring managers the chance to assess your skills qualitatively, as opposed to those quantitative attributes mentioned on your CV.

“58% of people say they are better known in their industry because of their blog.”

Cultivates Your Own Critical Analysis Skills

When writing these notions down on paper, it holds you accountable for the solutions you propose. It challenges you, to not only present solutions, and analyse if it is really plausible but  to back up your claims that are now open to public criticism. Analyse the inefficiencies currently in place. Propose how you can make them better for the future. And be ready to accept/respond the feedback given.

Great Networking Tool

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it  highlights the benefits blogging has for networking potential. A great way to connect with fellow industry leaders, complimenting and challenging their thoughts with concepts of your own is a great way to build your online connections. Don’t be afraid to take the conversation away from the blog. Connect with them on LinkedIn or send them an email. The key to online networking is the ability to take those online contacts and develop them into offline business relationships. A blog should be just the beginning of this.

Builds Your Influence

The more your blog can be shared with others, commented on and viewed enhances your online image and influence. If hiring managers see you have numerous articles with over 10,000 views and hundreds of likes and comments, this is definitely an advantage that helps portray you as a leadership figure in this field of work.

10 Must Do’s When Setting Up Your BlogPrepares You Better For Potential Unemployment/Freelancing

If you work in an industry where the likelihood of becoming a consultant or freelancer is high, then I cannot stress the importance of a blog enough.

Unemployment can be an unforeseen and abrupt reality, but the better prepared you are the easier the transition can be. With a lack of industry experts in 2015 (according to the Robert Half Middle East Salary Guide 2015), an established blog can open up various avenues for income earning projects.

Even if you aren’t looking for a job, ongoing career management is a vital tool to remain relevant and headhunted. Blogging has become an essential aspect in this.

LinkedIn ButtonHow LinkedIn Are Solving the Problem

Blogs have become so popular that LinkedIn have enabled the publishing feature to everyone one their website – not just influencers. Blogging has never been easier! You no longer need to hire a domain, hosting and worry about layout, simply write and it is published.


Want to know how to become a publisher? Click Here


Ensure your content is value-adding. As much as a blog can assist in obtaining a job, it can aseasily harm your chances if the content is lousy. The headline should be provocative to capture the attention of the browsers. From there, let them share it to increase its outreach.

The Recipe for Success

With creating a blog becoming easier than ever, there is no reason for you not to do it. Create valuable content that is worth sharing. Ensure it is well written, with no grammatical errors and encourage interaction by making it thought provoking. Most of all, be patient. It may not happen overnight, but it is without doubt the best tool professionals have to secure future job roles.

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