Beijing Pollution ‘Hazardous’

Beijing Pollution ‘Hazardous’

Beijing pollution at 'hazardous' levels.

Beijing Pollution ‘Hazardous’

Saturday say the third day of what has been called a ‘hazardous’ level of pollution across the city. An unofficial air quality monitor on the roof of the American Embassy recorded an Air Quality index of 886, any figure above 300 is considered “hazardous”. Sunday say a drop in the level, to 391, still remaining at a dangerous level. On the streets of Beijing the pollution was so bad that it was hard to see further than 150 metres and you could even taste it. Whilst the traffic in Beijing contributes to the air pollution levels it is the factories surrounding the city that cause such high levels. The Chinese authorities published their own figures for the same air. Whilst the US monitor was showing a level of 736, the official Chinese one was at 500 – still at a dangerous level. Beijing pollution is dangerous for your health. For further updates be sure to read

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this article at Sky News. The pollution in Beijing is affecting visibility and limiting it to only 150 metres. *We do not own the rights to any of the images.

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