Average Salary in the UAE

Average Salary in the UAE

Are you looking to garner a greater salary, while also achieving your dreams of living abroad? A move to the United Arab Emirates can achieve both! Salaries are on the rise all across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In the United Arab Emirates, in particular, buy viagra Aon Hewitt forecasts salary adjustments in the UAE to average over 5 percent in the upcoming year. This increase is greater than the 4.8 percent forecast- and actual- increase seen in this present year. Increased salaries are regularly attributed to inflation and higher costs of living. So while salaries may rise, your net wealth relative to past years may not. However, this is not the case in the United Arab Emirates. As mentioned above, pay adjustments are predicted to reach 5 percent in 2016; the inflation rate in the country is projected to reach 2.7 percent inflation rate. This means that employers in the Emirates are giving employees “real increases” in their salaries, according to the Towers Watson’s latest salary budget planning study. Expatriates looking to work in the financial and professional services have more reason than most to be upbeat regarding salary adjustments. The same can be said for those financial crime professionals with skills in fraud investigation, anti-bribery corruption and anti-money laundering. 50mg of viagra These sectors are anticipated to see more substantial salary increases. Compliance officers, for instance, are in high demand within the UAE. Due to increasing competition from the United States and Europe, firms in the UAE are boosting their salaries and benefits to entice this small pool of qualified candidates. Compliance directors at large companies based in the UAE are anticipated to see their salaries rise 5.5% from 2015 to 2016, according to a Robert Half survey, to a range of $134,500 to $189,500. Across-the-board salary adjustments, however, are less likely to happen. This is because most organizations intend to allocate the chunk of their salary increase budget to their highest performers, with very few companies planning to grant a uniform pay rise. While salaries may be on the rise, it is important for prospective expatriates to be remindful of other critical elements that will influence their stay in the United Arab Emirates. For instance, expatriates should be sure that housing allowances can beat the rising inflation seen in real estate. Employers cialis generic may be offering increased salaries, but they may not match this with more generous housing allowances. And with the soaring costs of homes in prime locations such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, the Greens, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah, this can be significant. Be sure to negotiate a generous housing allowance to suit your requirements prior to accepting an offer. The same considerations should be made by expatriates with families regarding educational allowances for private schools. viagra online pharmacy reviews The United Arab Emirates has become the premier business gateway for the Middle East and Africa. Not only has it become one of the top destinations to live globally, but it constantly growing and developing. With the added bonus of increasing salaries seen throughout the nation, what’s holding you back from making this fine nation your new home? Make a move to the UAE by uploading your CV below to receive a complimentary CV appraisal from one of our senior relationship managers who will let you know how well suited your CV is for the UAE market.

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